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Gray Notebook Archives

WSDOT publishes the Gray Notebook quarterly. The most recent edition (71), covers the quarter ending September 30, 2018. The following tables show when certain articles are published.

All Gray Notebooks (listed by edition year, number and quarter) can be found in the Archives below.

To search Gray Notebooks by a particular subject or topic visit the Gray Notebook Subject Index.

Gray Notebook 71

Annual, biennial & semi-annual articles

Q1 MarchQ2 JuneQ3 SeptemberQ4 December
Active Transportation: SafetyBridgesActive Transportation: MobilityEnvironmental Compliance
Commercial Vehicle Information Systems & NetworksFish Passage BarriersAviationFreight (Rail)
Noise QualityFreight (Multimodal)Capital FacilitiesHighway Maintenance
Safety Rest AreasGeneral Environmental PermitsCorridor Capacity ReportPavement
Transportation & the EconomyHighway System Safety ProgramsFerries Vessels
& Terminals
Practical Solutions
Travel InformationInclusionWater QualityPublic Transit Safety
Wetlands ProtectionTolling
Workforce DevelopmentWorker Safety
& Health

Quarterly dashboards and articles

Quarterly dashboardsQuarterly articles
Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21)Capital Project Delivery Programs
Results WashingtonIncident Response
Statewide Transportation Policy GoalsPassenger Rail (Amtrak Cascades)
WSDOT's Strategic PlanWashington State Ferries


Edition QtrQuarter EndingPDF File SizeGNB LitePDF File Size
71Q3September 30pdf 5.8mbLitepdf 1.4mb
70Q2June 30pdf 5.6mbLitepdf 1.3mb
69Q1March 31pdf 5.6mbLitepdf 1.1mb
68Q4December 31pdf 5.7mbLitepdf 1.5mb
67Q3September 30pdf 6.0mbLitepdf 0.8mb
66Q2June 30pdf 7.1mb Litepdf 957kb
65Q1March 31pdf 5.2mbLitepdf 2.0mb
64Q4December 31pdf 5.5mbLitepdf 1.1mb
63Q3September 30pdf 3.2mbLitepdf 863kb
62Q2June 30pdf 4.2mbLitepdf 1.4mb
61Q1March 31pdf 4.0mbLitepdf 932kb
60Q4December 31pdf 3.7mbLitepdf 823kb
59Q3September 30pdf 3.9mbLitepdf 1.3mb
58Q2June 30pdf 5.5mbLitepdf 984kb
57Q1March 31pdf 2.6mbLitepdf 1.4mb
56Q4December 31pdf 5.1mbLitepdf 3.0mb
55Q3September 30pdf 4.1mbLitepdf 1.4mb
54Q2June 30pdf 4.4mbLitepdf 1.1mb
53Q1March 31pdf 3.7mbLitepdf 991kb
52Q4December 31pdf 5.0mbLitepdf 186kb
51Q3September 30pdf 3.7mbLitepdf 1.2mb
50Q2June 30pdf 3.4mbLitepdf 1.0mb
49Q1March 31pdf 5.0mbLitepdf 996kb
48Q4December 31pdf 7.4mbLitepdf 1.1mb
47Q3September 30pdf 6.6mbLitepdf 316kb
46 Q2June 30pdf 5.4mbLitepdf 564kb
45Q1March 31pdf 5.3mbLitepdf 747kb
44Q4December 31pdf 2.8mbLitepdf 300kb
43Q3September 30pdf 3.0mbLitepdf 218kb
42Q2June 30pdf 3.4mbLitepdf 277kb
41Q1March 31pdf 4.6mbLitepdf 415kb
40Q4December 31pdf 1.7mb Litepdf 215kb 
39Q3September 30pdf 2.0mb Litepdf 200kb 
38Q2June 30pdf 1.9mb Litepdf 194kb 
37Q1March 31pdf 2.4mbLitepdf 550kb
36Q4December 31pdf 2.5mbLitepdf 500kb
35Q3September 30pdf 5.0mbLitepdf 240kb
34Q2June 30pdf 2.0mbLitepdf 225kb
33Q1March 31pdf 6.7mbLitepdf 500kb
32Q4December 31pdf 6.6mb Litepdf 755kb
31Q3September 30pdf 8.9mbLitepdf 1.19mb
30Q2June 30pdf 6.2mbLitepdf 824kb
29Q1March 31pdf 2.6mbLitepdf 718kb
28Q4December 31pdf 5.1mbLitepdf 541kb
27Q3September 30pdf 6.5mbLitepdf 445kb
26Q2June 30pdf 4.9mbLitepdf 707kb
25Q1March 31pdf 4.2mbLitepdf 595kb
24Q4December 31pdf 6.4mbLitepdf 578kb
23Q3September 30pdf 5.7mbLitepdf 491kb
22Q2June 30pdf 5.7mbLitepdf 1.03mb
21Q1March 31pdf 3.7mbLitepdf 698kb
20Q4December 31pdf 4.3mbLitepdf 444kb
19Q3September 30pdf 4.3mbLitepdf 394kb
18Q2June 30pdf 4.3mbLitepdf 624kb
17Q1March 31pdf 4.3mbLitepdf 644kb
16Q4December 31pdf 4.9mbLitepdf 726kb
15Q3September 30pdf 5.1mbLitepdf 2.85mb
14Q2June 30pdf 5.1mbLitepdf 425kb
13Q1March 31pdf 2.9mb
12Q4December 31pdf 3.1mb
11Q3September 30pdf 3.5mb
10Q2June 30pdf 2.9mb
09Q1March 31pdf 2.4mb
08Q4December 31pdf 1.7mb
07Q3September 30pdf 1.6mb
06Q2June 30pdf 1.3mb
05Q1March 31pdf 686kb
04Q4December 31pdf 822kb
03Q3September 30pdf 838kb
02Q2June 30pdf 344kb
01Q1March 31pdf 539kb