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Aggregate Source Approval (ASA)

The Aggregate Source Approval database stores detailed information about companies
that provide aggregate for road projects. You may search the database for the source or sources that meet your selection criteria. From the resulting list, choose which one you want to examine in greater detail. 

 ASA Estimate Engineering Evaluation Charge as of 1/1/17

Rates subject to change.  Please call the ASA Engineer at 360-709-5444 to confirm current pricing.
 Administration and Management Fee  $640.30
 Inspector Travel and Sampling Rate per hour  $120.76
 Evaluation Criteria
 Standard Specification Section 9-13
Riprap, Quarry Spalls, Rock for Erosion
and Scour Protection, and Rock Walls

Standard Specification 9-03.1 Aggregate for Portland Cement Concrete
Fine Concrete Aggregate $2,178.04
Coarse Concrete Aggregate $1,985.86
ASTM C 1293 ASR Sampling and Shipping $200.00

Standard Specification 9-03 Mineral Aggregates and Surfacing
Aggregate for BST, HMA, Ballast, Crushed Surfacing,
Streambed Aggregates, and other aggregate materials

Questions, comments, or requests?

Please contact our office: 

Zach Kane

Maha Ablson
QPL Engineer 

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Materials Quality Assurance Engineer