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New Products

New Product List 

** Applications are not being accepted until further notice **

Product Application (pdf 213kb)

The New Products Program is set up to evaluate products that have no specification requirement per the current Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Standard Specifications, General Specifications or Standard Plans and have no defined basis of acceptance. A New Product is considered a fully developed, commercially available product for use in the construction, and maintenance of the WSDOT Transportation system. Products in the research and development stage do not meet this definition. Eligible new products must be currently commercially available.
(Note: WSDOT does not participate in product development.)

Phase I in the process begins with the acceptance of the application and the remittance of an initial assessment charge of $500.00. The product will be screened for possible WSDOT use and if a potential WSDOT Construction or maintenance need is identified.  A subsequent charge for Phase II evaluation, which includes a more detailed evaluation of the product will be estimated and transmitted to the Vendor. If the Vendor elects to remit the estimate charge; the full evaluation will begin.

Review of the product may include, but not limited to, supporting product information sheets, test performance results from private or governmental sectors, physical field test panels, in-hand examination of material or any other criteria that the Department may request to have confidence for the intended use. It is stressed, however, that the Department will not engage in product evaluation unless an adequately developed, screened, tested, and marketable product or process is offered.

If WSDOT determines that the product has no construction needs, the Vendor will be notified and any remaining monies not expended will be returned to the Vendor.

Manufacturers or individuals that may want products evaluated are encouraged to contact the Assistant Materials QA Engineer for detailed information on the process and cost of evaluation.


Pat Norton
Asst. Materials Quality Assurance Engineer

Rob Molohon
Materials Quality Assurance Engineer