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Call for Projects - Federal Highways Bridge Program

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Call for projects - CLOSED

WSDOT is announcing the availability of $60 million of FHWA funding for improvements of local agency bridges. The purpose of the Federal Local Bridge program is to improve the condition of local agency bridges while ensuring no more than 10% of the National Highway System (NHS) bridge deck area is on structurally deficient bridges. The local bridge program funds may be utilized for replacement, rehabilitation and preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is defined as steel bridge painting, scour mitigation, seismic retrofit and deck repair.

For Replacement and Rehabilitation projects, WSDOT is focusing on funding local agency bridges that are classified as structurally deficient and meet the following criteria:

  • Structurally deficient bridges with a sufficiency rating of less than 40 for replacement candidates.
  • Structurally deficient bridges with a sufficiency rating of less than 80 for rehabilitation candidates.

Preventative Maintenance projects must be submitted as an individual application and meet one of the following four categories:

  • Bridge painting projects- only structures that have greater than two percent of total paint area in a condition state 3 are eligible.
  • Scour mitigation projects – priority will be given to structures that are scour critical based on the submitted documentation.
  • Seismic retrofit projects - priority will be given to structures in higher risk seismic zones based on the submitted documentation.
  • Deck resurfacing and repair - only structures that have a total area of two percent or greater of patches and spalls in the deck surface (condition state 2 plus condition state 3) are eligible.

Eligible Applicants

All local agencies who currently own a bridge that meets the above criteria are eligible to apply.


A total of $60 million of federal funds is available. The maximum individual project funding from the program is limited to $12 million.

Match requirement

Replacement and rehabilitation projects require a 20 percent local match. Projects that proceed to construction by 2021 are eligible for a lower local match requirement of 13.5 percent.

Preventative maintenance projects are limited to a maximum of $3 million in federal funds per bridge and will require a 13.5 percent local match; projects that proceed to construction by 2021 are eligible for 100 percent federal funding for eligible costs.

Program requirements

Applicants are required to report quarterly on the status and expenditure plan of each project award.

Project Applications

  1. Project applications shall be submitted online at
  2. Electronic copies of the following are to be included in the submittal:
    • Latest inventory and inspection reports for all project applications
    • Latest or newly updated load ratings for replacement or rehabilitation project applications only
    • Electronic photos (640 x 480 pixels minimum .jpg) for all project applications
    • Current bridge scour evaluation and any preliminary hydraulic analysis and supporting documentation for scour mitigation project applications
    • Preliminary seismic evaluation and supporting documentation for seismic retrofit project applications
    • Bridge Program Application (pdf 1.9 mb) Can be edited by Adobe Reader

Submittal Process

Submittals must be sent by e-mail (paper and CD submittals will not be accepted). Project proposals must be received by midnight April 3, 2017.

Project proposals must be sent by e-mail to

Program Contacts

Region Local Program Engineers
John Ho at 360-705-7383 or Roman Peralta at 360-705-7870.

Selection Process

All proposals will be reviewed to ensure that they are complete and eligible for funding. An advisory group will evaluate the proposals and make recommendations. WSDOT Local Programs Director will announce the final selections by Fall of 2017.