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National Highway System (NHS) Asset Management Program (Federal Funds) - Call for Projects – 2017

2017 NHS Asset Management Selections (pdf 344 kb)

Updated Local Agency NHS Routes, MAP-21

CLOSED - May 26, 2017

WSDOT is announcing the availability of up to $75 million of National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) federal funding for improvements to roadways that are part of the NHS. These funds will be awarded during two calls for projects. The current call for projects has $30-40 million in available funding and is limited to local agencies with NHS roadways. The second call for projects is planned for 2018-2019, will award the remaining funds, and is open to all agencies with NHS roadways. Awarding the funds over two calls for projects will allow adjustments to selection criteria, if necessary, based on results from the first call for projects.

NHPP funds are required to support progress toward the achievement of performance targets established in a State’s asset management plan for the NHS. NHS roadways encompass both local and state owned NHS facilities, and Washington State has one of the highest percentages of locally owned NHS facilities. It is therefore imperative that both state and local agencies collaborate to manage the NHS; and this type of program will encourage collaboration and asset management principles across the NHS.

The objective of the program is to highlight the importance of preserving the roadway system by incentivizing agencies to use asset management strategies that provide cost-effective solutions to maximize the life expectancy of a roadway. To meet this objective the program will evaluate an agency’s use of pavement management strategies and an agency’s level of investment to preserve and maintain their roadway system, therefore, focusing on cost-effectiveness, emphasizing pavement rehabilitation over reconstruction.