SR 104 - Edmonds City Park Vicinity Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing - Completed February 2015


A unique, signalized crosswalk began operating in February 2015 on SR 104 near Edmonds City Park. 

The crosswalk is known as a High-intensity Activated CrossWalk or HAWK.

This is the first HAWK signal on a state highway in Snohomish and King counties. It gives drivers a clear indication of when to stop for pedestrian or cyclists. When no one needs to cross, the signal remains dark, allowing drivers to proceed at normal speeds. 

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How you benefit

Improves safety

  • The HAWK signal provides pedestrians and cyclists with a controlled opportunity to cross a busy highway.
  • Provides a safe crossing point across SR 104 between Point Edwards and Edmonds City Park.
  • Drivers receive a clear indication with a red light that they need to stop for the crosswalk.

Partnerships & cooperation
WSDOT worked closely with the City of Edmonds and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program  to install a safe crosswalk at this location.


This project was funded through a 2013 Quick Response Safety Program Grant and the City of Edmonds.

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Pedestrian Crossing near Edmonds City Park
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Signal Light Configuration
View a reference guide on how the HAWK signal works (pdf 421 kb)