Viaduct demolition

After the new State Route 99 tunnel opens to traffic, the Alaskan Way Viaduct along Seattle's waterfront will be demolished to make way for a new surface street built by the City of Seattle.

Current view of the viaduct

Demolition is scheduled to start in early 2019 and take up to nine months to complete. WSDOT will be selecting a contractor in spring 2018, who will develop specific plans for the work. As part of this work, the Battery Street Tunnel will be decommissioned and Aurora Avenue North from Denny Street to Harrison Street rebuilt. 

This page contains an overview of demolition and what we currently know about the work. The means and methods of the demolition won’t be known until after the winning contractor is selected (see "Selecting a contractor" below for more information). In August 2017 WSDOT held an in-person and online open house to share information about viaduct demolition. PDF versions of the display boards from the open house are available in our Program Library.

Want more information about viaduct demolition? Send an email to and ask to receive updates on demolition. You will receive the latest information about viaduct demolition as more information becomes available.

+ Demolition overview

+ What will happen and how

+ Demolition schedule

+ Selecting a contractor