Getting Around

Getting around when construction is complete

The Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program will transform how drivers use SR 99 to travel through Seattle. The new SR 99 tunnel is designed to work in conjunction with a new Alaskan Way surface street that will be built in the footprint of the to-be-removed viaduct.

The map below shows how common trips will look when the tunnel is open, the demolition project is complete, and a new Alaskan Way is rebuilt. 

The SR 99 tunnel will provide a direct route between the stadiums and Seattle Center, and is designed to accommodate the current volume of viaduct traffic that today does not use any of the mid-viaduct ramps.

When work is complete, the traffic that today uses the viaduct’s mid-town ramps to enter or leave downtown will instead use the new Alaskan Way surface street. A new connection above the railroad tracks at the surface street’s north end will help vehicles connect to Elliott and Western avenues without being blocked by trains. Visit the Waterfront Seattle website for more information about the design of these elements.

At the tunnel’s north end, three roads currently interrupted by SR 99 (John, Thomas and Harrison streets) will be reconnected, improving east-west connections between South Lake Union and Uptown.

These new route options will make some current trips shorter and other trips a little longer, while improving safety for the travelling public by replacing the viaduct with a tunnel built to modern safety and earthquake standards.

Northbound SR 99/West Seattle to downtown Downtown to southbound SR 99 and West Seattle Queen Anne/Magnolia/Ballard to downtown Queene Anne/Magnolia/Ballard to stadiums and southbound SR 99 South Lake Union/downtown to SR 99 Image Map