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US 395-Mattsen Creek Washout

Project Location Map

On Thursday, April 13, 2017 flood debris blocked a 3 foot culvert the carried Mattsen Creek under US 395, located approximately 20 miles south of the Canadian border  The water rose, backed up against the fill material, and began flowing across the highway.  Sometime during the early morning hours on Friday, April 14, the creek washed away about 300 feet of the highway, creating a 45 foot-deep ravine.

Contract repair work is underway.  A detour is available via napoleon Road, Kettle River Road, and Barstow Bridge Road.  Most of the 6-mile detour is gravel.


Mattsen Creek April 14 2017
April 13, 2017

Mattsen Creek April 14 2017
April 14, 2017