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Apple Capitol Loop Trail - Surplus Property Exhibits

Apple Capitol Loop Trail sign

Updated: August 2017

Surplus Property Update

By legislative direction in 2012, ESHB 2190 Section 213(4), directed WSDOT to transfer the Apple Capital Loop Trail (ACLT) to Douglas County and the City of East Wenatchee as a designated transportation corridor for the purpose of separating motor vehicles from pedestrians and bicyclists. The trail was formally transferred on June 17, 2013.

Except for an area near the US 2/97 Bridge over the Columbia River, the transfer to the County or the City involved all the area from approximately 25 feet east of the trail centerline west to the Columbia River. The only exceptions were areas WSDOT retained for storm water treatment from Sunset Highway, and an area the Chelan County PUD acquired - roughly 24 acres - between the ACLT and the river north of what would be an extension of 35th street.

Since transferring the ACLT, WSDOT has been in the process of surplusing property abutting the trail that is no longer needed by WSDOT. The property being surplused was broken down into ten areas totaling approximately 74 acres. To date five of the ten areas have been sold. Of the original 74 plus acres designated surplus, 44 acres (close to 60%) has been sold. Another 23 acres, currently being appraised, are moving through the surplus process at this time.

WSDOT has surplused the property east of the trail between 27th and 32nd. We have also completed the sale or are in the process of selling the property north of 35th Street. These properties were sold to abutting landowners. Surplus property sold to non-governmental entities becomes private property, so with the owner’s permission, usage or entry can be considered trespassing.

Each time WSDOT moves forward to surplus one of the areas abutting the ACLT right-of-way the County is given a 60 day notice. As an abutter, the County has the opportunity to acquire the property before it is sold to anyone else. To date Douglas County has not chosen to acquire any additional areas beyond what was transferred to the County in 2013. The City of East Wenatchee chose to acquire all three areas, at or south of 19th street that were in the City.

WSDOT plans to continue to surplus properties adjacent to the ACLT. Property owners that abut the trail, including Douglas County, will be given first option to purchase the property. If the legal abutters decline, then the property, by statue, will be sold at public auction.

Rocky Reach Trail

We are in the process of working with land owners abutting the Rocky Reach Trail to ensure they are given the opportunity to acquire easements for irrigation and other facilities that were put in after WSDOT’s acquisition of the property. Once easements for all of those facilities and utilities are recorded, hopefully later this fall, the Rocky Reach Trail will be transferred to Washington State Parks. After the trail is formally transferred, surplus of any remaining lands not needed by WSDOT will commence following a process similar to what has been done with the ACLT.