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Oversize/Overweight Restrictions
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I-90, MP: 103 to 101, Direction: W
Date Updated: 12/11/2018 8:26 AM
Date Effective: 12/11/2018 8:26 AM

No loads over 14' wide from 4:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Wednesday, 4:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Thursday, 4:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Friday, and 4:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday. Note: Mobile Homes with eaves that are wider than the 14' restriction are allowed.

SR 278, MP: 2.19 , Direction: Both
BL Max: CL8 Max:
No over legal axle weights; 6 axle Single Unit truck is limited to 33 Tons; 7 axle Single Unit truck is limited to 36 Tons

SR 507, MP: 2.36 , Direction: Both
BL Max: CL8 Max:
SR 507, Milepost 2.36 - “No over legal axle weights, Legal Loads only Maximum weight 105,500. Single axle NTE 20,000 lbs. Tandem axles NTE 34,000 lbs”, effective immediately.

I-90, MP: 231.23 to 231.23, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 8/1/2018 1:08 PM
Date Effective: 8/1/2018 1:08 PM

I-90, Milepost 231.23, Both Directions, Effective Wednesday, August 1, 2018-Until further notice, No loads over 14' wide. This restriction is on the Overcrossing, not on I-90 Mainline.

SR 290, MP: 0.09 to 0.41, Direction: W
Date Updated: 6/18/2018 3:31 PM
Date Effective: 6/18/2018 3:31 PM

I-90/SR 290, MP 0.09-0.41, Westbound, Effective Monday, July 9, 2018 No Oversize Loads, 24/7. Vehicles exceeding 14’ high must take the EB I-90 on-ramp, and then exit at the Altamont exit (Exit 283A), to 3rd Ave. Westbound oversize loads less than 15’ may take the Altamont Street North, to 2nd Ave., and then re-enter I-90 WB at Altamont on-ramp (Exit 283A). All vehicles greater than 15’ must use the 3rd Ave to Freya Interchange, where the Westbound traffic will be able to cross over and must take Westbound 2nd Ave to Altamont Street on-ramp (Exit 283A), to WB I-90.

SR 409, MP: 2.79 to 3.31, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 4/24/2018 8:45 AM
Date Effective: 4/24/2018 8:45 AM

SR 409, Milepost 2.79-3.31, Both Directions; No Overwidth Loads, 24/7. Detour options are the Lewis and Clark Bridge in Longview, or the Astoria-Megler Bridge.

US 101, MP: 219 to 232, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 3/14/2018 1:03 PM
Date Effective: 3/14/2018 1:03 PM

Effective Monday, March 19th until June 2019 on US 101, Milepost 219-232, (Lake Crescent/Olympic National Park) both directions. No loads over 11' wide 24/7. Detour available via SR 112 with existing restrictions or US 101 via Aberdeen.

I-82, MP: 131.00 to 132.60, Direction: Both
Date Updated: 8/3/2017 3:25 PM
Date Effective: 8/3/2017 3:25 PM

I-82, Both directions, milepost 131-132.60 (Columbia River Bridge/Umatilla Bridge) Due to only one lane, no loads over 14' wide 24/7. Note: Mobile homes with box width no wider than the 14' restriction are allowed. Eaves are limited to no more than 2 feet.