Commercial Vehicle Restrictions

Oversize/Overweight Restrictions
SR 20, MP: 40.82 to 42.75, Direction: Both
Date Updated:4/1/2015 12:51 PM
Date Effective:4/13/2009 12:00 AM
Date Expires:4/30/2012 12:00 AM
Restriction width:14 ft 0 in
Vehicle type:NA
Commercial Vehicle:Y
Detour availability:N
Permanent restriction:Y
Exceptions allowed:Y
Name: Deception Pass Bridge
Description: SR 20, MP 40.82 to 42.75 EB and WB, 12' wide restriction
All loads exceeding 12' and up to 14' wide must have a separate single trip permit and follow these exception rules: 3 pilots when within the MP limits (40.82-42.75). Allowed to travel during the following days and times only. 9AM 2PM Mon-Thurs. 10AM 2PM Fri. No weekend moves. All loads exceeding 14' wide are subject to Commercial Vehicle Services approval before load can be moved, call (360) 704-6340. *WSDOT Does Not Guarantee Height Clearances*
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