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The HQ Development Division, Utilities, Railroad, and Agreements Section (URA) provides centralized review, technical advice, and coordinates services providing necessary support needed for doing business with the department relating to utilities, railroads, and agreements.

Interlocal Agreements
Chapter 39.34 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies to contract with other governmental entities. This law includes a requirement for filing agreements with the county auditor or publishing a list, by subject, on the agency’s web site.

The Utilities, Railroads, and Agreements office manages an agreement database and reports on Interlocal agreements for specific work groups within WSDOT. To comply with RCW 39.34.040, this office has elected to publish a list of Interlocal Agreements on this web page. This page is updated frequently with agreements either in development or in effect.

Active Interlocal Agreements
 (pdf 187 kb)

If you would like a copy of a listed agreement, please contact Jeanne Doolin, HQ Agreement & Utilities Specialist at (360) 705-7458 or by email at:

Additional Interlocal Agreements executed by WSDOT under the authority of chapter 39.34 RCW, which are administered by the Administrative/IT Contracts Office can be located at:

Utilities, Railroad and Agreement Manager
UT Agreement, HQ Specialty
Rhonda Wiest

Agreements and Utilities
SR 520, AWV, Region
Jeanne Doolin

Railroad and Technical Support
Railroad Liaison
Connie Raezer