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Southwest Region Utilities - Permits/Franchises and Agreements

Welcome to WSDOT's Southwest Region Utilities Department Web page.  Below you will find links to download application materials for Utility Permits and Franchises and forms for Notification of Maintenance Operations Within State Right of Way.

Utility Permits and Franchises

Washington State law, RCW 47.44 and WAC 468-34, grants WSDOT the authority to issue Utility Permits and Franchises for the occupancy of highway rights of way to the persons, associations, private or municipal corporations, the U.S. Government, or any agency for the purpose of constructing and maintaining lines for water, gas, electricity, telephone, telecommunications, etc.

For more information about the Utility Permit and Franchise process, Control Zone, and the AMT program, please see the WSDOT Utilities Manual.
Please use this application form and Utility Facility Description form when applying for a Utility Permit or Franchise. 

Please submit this form three (3) days prior to performing maintenance operations activities within State right of way.


Agreement types include private sector (developer), developer mitigation, reimbursable, local agency participation (non-federal aid), utility relocation, railroad, governmental contracts, maintenance and operations, turnbacks, special transportation planning studies, and utility service to state facilities in the Southwest Region.  

For Consultant agreement information, please visit WSDOT's Consultant Services Web page.  Consultant Services aid in the negotiations, preparation, processing and monitoring of agreements with consultants for Personal Services and Architect and Engineering (A&E) agreements and/or supplements for the Southwest Region.

Please either mail or hand deliver completed application forms to us at:

11018 NE 51st Circle
Vancouver, WA 98682-6686

Notification of Maintenance Operations forms can be emailed to us using the email addresses provided here.

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