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Digital Imagery and Duplication Services (Video Log)


Every year, half of the State Highway system is filmed, in both directions of travel (increasing and decreasing) using a specially equipped van. This provides a visual record of each highway as well as its immediate environment and allows for a safer and more cost effective way of monitoring and maintaining our highways. The view that the images display is what a "driver" would typically see if they proceeded along the roadway.

Copies of the digital imagery are provided to offices within WSDOT, other state and local agencies and the general public, at cost. If you would like to request digital copies please fill out the request form below.

                              Digital Imagery Duplication Request Form (pdf 1.0 mb)


If you have any questions, please contact us: (360) 570-2424.








Video Log and Duplication Disclaimer:
SRweb video log mileposting may not always be reflective of the State Highway Log mileposting. Some of the reasons attributed to this could include vehicle drift, divided highways, camera perspective and equipment limitations. These digital views are not created from a driver's perspective and do not reflect how these locations actually appear. WSDOT technology and the PC system setup of the user will affect these views. The images provided are for information purposes only. Unauthorized attempts to alter or modify these views are prohibited by law.