Tribal and Regional Coordination

WSDOT provides oversight and fiduciary responsibilities for 12 federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and 16 state Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs).

Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Planning

Tribal Coordination

MPO and RTPO Work Programs and Annual Reports

  • SFY 2020 Unified Planning Work Program Guidance (pdf, 224 kb)
    Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) guidance assists MPOs and RTPOs in developing their work programs, to ensure compliance with federal and state statutes, regulations, and policy goals.
  • MPO/RTPO Unified Planning Work Programs
    Each MPO and RTPO is required to develop a UPWP that describes the transportation planning tasks and activities proposed for the next state fiscal year(s).
  • MPO/RTPO Annual Reports
    Each MPO and RTPO is required to complete an annual report that summarizes progress made on approved UPWP transportation planning tasks and activities.


  • Doug Cox, Tribal and Regional Coordination Office, 360-705-6906
  • Megan Nicodemus, Tribal Liaison, WSDOT Eastern Region, 509-324-6206