I-90 - Grant County Line to SR 21 - Completed August 2014

Interstate 90 was resurfaced with a layer of hot mix asphalt.


How you benefit

Economic incentive
Paving upgrades the structural integrity and extends the roadway life. This preserves the public investment in the highway, reducing the need for expensive future reconstruction.

Eastern Region 2014 Chip Seal - Complete August 2014

This roadway preservation projects sealed 105 miles of roadway in the following sections:

  • US 2/Creston to Rocklyn Road (MP 230-245)
  • US 2 Rocklyn Road to Davenport (MP 245-250)
  • SR 20/Pend Oreille Mill to Newport (MP 422-436)
  • SR 25/Davenport to Fruitland (MP 0-38)
  • SR 27/Palouse Albion Road to Palouse (MP 8-15)
  • SR 194/Almota to Jct. US 195 (MP 0-21)
  • US 195/Colton to Jct. SR 27 (MP 8-20)
  • SR 211/Jct. Us 2 to Jct. SR 20 (MP 0-15)


US 2 - Deer Road to Elk Chattaroy Road - Corridor Review

Project news

Winter 2017

Needs & benefits

Why is WSDOT conducting a US 2 / Deer Road to Elk-Chattaroy Corridor Study?

US 195 - Hatch Road to Interstate 90

WSDOT Engineers are currently exploring small, intersection-related projects on US 195 between Hatch Road and Interstate 90.  The latest design concepts are available.