Cooperative Automated Transportation - Benefits

Benefits of Cooperative Automated Transportation

Cooperative Automated Transportation, including autonmous and connected vehicles, has several anticipated benefits, including:


  • Nationwide 94 percent of all fatal vehicle crashes involve driver error; CAT systems have tremendous potential to prevent most fatal crashes.

Congestion reduction

  • We cannot “build our way out of congestion.”
  • By reducing crashes and communicating with other vehicles, CAT technology has the potential to reduce highway congestion and commute times caused by blocked roadways.
  • Automated and shared mobility could increase our transportation system’s efficiency without large investments in new roadways.
  • Automated vehicle fleet services could help reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Increased mobility

  • Autonomous vehicles could improve mobility for the elderly, people with disabilities and others who can't currently drive a traditional vehicle.
  • Shared mobility options will more efficiently utilize the capacity of our transportation system.

Environmental stewardship

  • This technology could help reach state greenhouse gas reduction targets through the deployment of electric automated vehicles.
  • This technology can also encourage land development and shared mobility services that optimize the overall utilization of the existing transportation system.