Audit - External Audits on WSDOT

Performance and Accountability Audits on WSDOT

As a means to ensure government serves the citizens of Washington by promoting accountability, fiscal integrity and openness, independent third party audits assess the effectiveness, efficiency, results, compliance with legal or policy requirements, and management controls of its programs.

Performance Audits on WSDOT

Accountability Audits on WSDOT

Statewide Financial and Single Audit Reports (which include WSDOT)

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) establishes and maintains the state accounting, regulations, procedures, records, and reports that promote sound business practices while providing accurate financial reporting.

OFMs Statewide Accounting Team is responsible for working with state agencies and national accounting standard-setting organizations to assure Washington State is in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and the latest accounting standards.

In accordance with state and federal requirements, the Statewide Accounting Team prepares the following reports, which include audits of WSDOT:

Jesse Daniels- External Audit Liaison, (360) 705-7035