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Closed Advertisements

After the due date has passed, an open advertisement is moved to the closed advertisement table below.  You may view the status of each closed ad as it moves through the selection and award process. 

View the list of all On-Call Awarded Advertisements.

Archived Advertisements

Questions? Contact the Headquarters Consultant Services Office at:  WSDOTCSO@WSDOT.WA.GOV

Status of Closed Advertisements



2019 Olympic Region Design Consultant Engineering Services - 22 Fish Passages 65% complete
2019 Ferry Riders Opinion Group Survey Program 65% complete
2019 Geotechnical Engineering Personnel Augmentation Contract 65% complete
2018 WSDOT Consultant Prequalification
2019 Megaprogram Management, Engineering and Technical Support Consultant (METC) Agreement Awarded
2019 Legal Notice of Intent to Sole Source - Tahlequah Beach Enhancement Monitoring 65% complete
2019 SR160/Fauntleroy Terminal – Trestle and Transfer Span Replacement Project Agreement Awarded
Legal Notice of Intent to Sole Source - Toll Financial Support No submittals received
2019 SR 9 Marsh Rd to 2nd St. Widening Agreement Awarded
2018 SR 18 Widening from Issaquah-Hobart Road to Deep Creek Agreement Awarded
2018 New Products Coordinator No submittals received
2018 I-5 Chamber Way - Interchange Improvements Agreement Awarded
2018 Geotechnical Engineering Personnel Augmentation Agreement Awarded
2018 SR 3 Freight Corridor – New Alignment Design Agreement Awarded
2018 SR 432 Longview Grade Crossing Agreement Awarded
Legal Notice of Intent to Sole Source - 2018 Testing and Refining a Highway Permeability Rating System No submittals received
2018 SR160/Fauntleroy Terminal – Trestle and Transfer Span Replacement Project Agreement Awarded
2018 Southwest Region - Regionwide ADA Design Support Agreement Awarded
2018 US 2 WB Trestle NEPA Documentation Agreement Awarded
2018 Ultra High-Speed Ground Transportation Study Business Case Analysis Agreement Awarded
2018 I-5 East Fork Lewis River Bridge NB - Replace Bridge Agreement Awarded
2018 Active Transportation Plan Update Agreement Awarded
2018 Dayton Ave Infrastructure Improvements - RFP Services Agreement Awarded
2018 North Central Region General Engineering Consulting Services Agreement Awarded
2018 SWR Engineering Support Agreement Awarded
2018 Safety Rest Area Water & Wastewater System Study Agreement Awarded
2018 SW Region Wide Construction Support – Materials Testers Agreement Awarded
2018 Aviation Economic Impact Study Agreement Awarded
2018 Industrial Hygiene Services Agreement Awarded

Archived Advertisements
Archived advertisements are available by contacting the Consultant Services Office by emailing:  WSDOTCSO@WSDOT.WA.GOV  Please provide us with as much information about the advertisement as possible. Let us know what type of information you want:

  • Advertisement text and publication dates
  • Request for Statement of Qualifications (RSOQ)
  • Criteria definitions
  • Submittals received
  • Selections and awards given

By supplying these details, we can locate the information you want more quickly.