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Available On-Call Agreements

Rate Changes table

To select a consultant from an available on-call agreement, refer to the list below. Contact us for instructions and procedures.

On-Call Agreements

2013Right of Way & Related Services (pdf, 25kb)
2014Statewide On Call Rosters
Transportation Studies Below (pdf, 23kb)
Transportation Studies Above (pdf, 24kb)

Land Surveying Below (pdf, 23kb)
Land Surveying Above (pdf, 23kb)

Design PSE Services Below (pdf, 23kb)
Design PSE Services Above (pdf, 25kb)

Traffic Engineering Services Below (pdf, 23kb)
Traffic Engineering Services Above (pdf, 24kb)
2014Cost Risk Assessment Risk Analysis Services (pdf, 24kb)
2014Cost Risk Assessment (CRA) Subject Matter Expert Services (pdf, 27kb)
2014Structural Engineering Services (pdf, 27kb)
2015Cultural Resource Services (pdf, 23kb)
2015General Environmental Services (pdf, 27kb)
2015Geotechnical Unstable Slopes Services (pdf, 22kb)
2015Geotechnical Services (pdf, 22kb)
2015Geophysical Services (pdf, 22kb)
2015Hazardous Materials Services (pdf, 22kb)
2015Hydraulic Services (pdf, 23kb)
2015Marine Biology Services (pdf, 22kb)
2015Photogrammetric Services (pdf, 24kb)
2016Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services (pdf, 22kb)
2016    Communications and Public Involvement Services (pdf, 25kb)
2016Digital Communications Services (pdf, 22kb)
2016WSF Staffing Support Services (pdf, 119kb)
2016Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Services for WSF (pdf, 85kb)
2017Value Engineering Services (pdf, 65kb)
2017Program Management and Scheduling Services for WSF (pdf, 18kb)
2017Special Inspection Services for WSF (pdf, 61kb)
2017Bridge Load Rating (pdf, 74kb)
2017Terminal Design & Construction Management Services for WSF (pdf, 23kb)
2017Accident and Hazard Investigation Services (pdf, 58kb)
2017Welding, inspection & metallurgy services (pdf, 120kb)
2017WSF vessel maintenance & preservation program support (pdf, 119kb)
2017Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Services (pdf, 131kb)