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Consultant Training

Consultant use of WSDOT's Training Materials

This document, in conjunction with the Software Usage document, clarifies consultant attendance at WSDOT sponsored training for Bentley software applications. Bentley Systems has reviewed this document and concurs that this information is not in violation of the Bentley Select license agreement with WSDOT.

The definition of "on-site" or "off-site" consultant is an important distinction in the determination of what WSDOT can and can not do with our Bentley software licenses and training. These terms are defined below along with training descriptions.

  • On-site Consultants: Consultants co-located with WSDOT staff in WSDOT facilities using WSDOT computers and logon ids.
  • Off-site Consultants: Consultants working from their own facilities using their own computers.
  • WSDOT sponsored training for learning how to use the software: Training for learning how to use MicroStation or InRoads arranged by WSDOT and taught by either Bentley or WSDOT instructors.
  • WSDOT Environment Training: Training on the custom environment and procedures WSDOT has developed to use these applications to deliver projects.

Consultant Training Attendance

On-site consultants are considered the same as WSDOT employees and can attend any WSDOT training, either for learning how to use the software, or the WSDOT environment training.

Off-site consultants are not eligible to attend WSDOT sponsored training for learning how to use the software. However, they are eligible to access and/or attend WSDOT environment training. 

Bentley will schedule training in Washington specifically for consultants who need training on how to use the software. This training will be the same as taught to WSDOT employees using the WSDOT custom training manual for InRoads.

Consultant eLearning

WSDOT CAE Environment Training familiarizes our off-site consultants with the WSDOT working environment.

EEDS eLearning This module introduces the WSDOT Electronic Engineering Data Standards Manual. It covers the manual’s purpose, and how to apply EEDS standards and conventions in CAE workflows.  This video uses the 2014 version of the manual.  Refer to the most current version (see left Nav link) of the manual for standards.

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