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The WSDOT headquarter hydraulics section provides technical support, training and policy in the fields of hydraulics, fish passage, hydrology and stormwater to ensure our roadways provide a safe, effective and efficient movement of people and goods while maintaining the natural movement and treatment of water throughout our watersheds and water bodies.

In addition, the headquarter hydraulics section coordinates and provides technical guidance and policy for research in the fields of hydraulics, fish passage, hydrology and stormwater. As technical experts, it is our responsibility to the public to assess how our infrastructure will affect the quantity and quality of our watersheds and water bodies now and into the future.

Julie Heilman, PE
State Hydraulics Engineer
(360) 705-7262

Fish Passage
Provides services such as data analysis of stream profiles, design, research, construction, and information related to the hydraulics of fish passage projects across the state. Emphasizing mitigation efforts of fish and fish habitat functioning through existing culverts. Following and updating fish passage projects based on guidelines set by WSDOT hydraulics manual.

Heather Pittman, PE
Fish Passage Design Manager
Olympic Region
(360) 705-7495

Gabe Ng, PE
Fish Passage Design Manager
Northwest Region
(360) 705-6839

Hannah Morsch
Hydraulic Design Engineer
(360) 705-7261

Michael Kurkov
Hydraulic Design Engineer
(360) 705-7489

Represents WSDOT as experts in hydrological correspondence including; analyzing and maintain inventory of hydraulic features and bridges. Design of streambank stabilizations, scour countermeasures for bridges and culverts. Serve as subject matter experts on various floodplain regulations and perform backwater analyses for determining regulatory flood elevations for river channels and bridge openings. The Hydraulics section also maintains and updates the WSDOT Standard Plans and Standard Specifications Book involving drainage related items, including conducting RAM approvals and construction support.

Luke Assink, PE
Hydraulics Design Manager
(360) 705-7269

Catherine LaPointe, PE
Transportation Engineer 3
InRoads/CADD Support
(360) 705-7498

Subject matter experts on all Stormwater design policy. Provides technical support, training, hydraulic report audits, research, and maintaining WSDOT Highway Runoff Manual. Serves as the concurrence authority for Mega Projects, Sound Transit, Ferries, Facilities, and Aviation on Stormwater related designs. Serve as the Facilitator and technical expert on the WSDOT/Ecology Demonstrative Approach Team (DAT) that approves Stormwater deviations from the Highway Runoff Manual.

Alex Nguyen, PE
Stormwater Design Manager
(206) 440-4537

Le Nguyen
Hydraulic Engineer
(206) 440-5070

Olivia Torres Stagner
Hydraulic Engineer
(206) 440-4538

Provide Reach Assessments of Chronic Environmental Deficiency (CED) program projects for WSDOT and Local Agency projects. Serve as subject matter experts on floodplain regulations. Assess the demands of on-going maintenance repairs that affect habitat along the state transportation system. The hydrology staff are subject matter experts on hydrology, coastal processes, river engineering and restoration design.

Garrett W. Jackson, LG
Hydrology Program Manager
(360) 705-7485

Ed Molash 
(360) 705-7496

Simon Page
(360) 705-7472

Cygnia Rapp , LG
(360) 705-7415