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Hydraulics and Hydrology Course

Hydraulics and Hydrology Training Course Manual

Lesson 1: Hydraulic Manual Policies (pdf 1.4 mb)

Lesson 2: Hydraulics and Hydrology Methods (pdf 3.5 mb)

Lesson 3: Pavement Drainage Design and Pipe Sizing (pdf 3.0 mb)

Lesson 4: Hydrologic Processes and Large Woody Material (pdf 15 mb)

Lesson 5: Fish Passage, Stream Design, and Bridge Scour (pdf 9.8 mb)

Lesson 6: How to use the Highway Runoff Manual and Hydraulics Manual (pdf 574 kb)

Lesson 7: Introduction to the Hydraulic Report (pdf 742 kb)

Lesson 8: Hydraulic Issues for Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build (pdf 1.5 mb)

Lesson 9: Pipe Materials (pdf 1.9 mb)

Lesson 10: Culvert and Ditch Design (pdf 2.5 mb)

Day 1 Exercises and Solutions (pdf 411 kb)

Day 2 Exercise Design Packet (pdf 541 kb)

Day 2 Exercise and Solutions (pdf 1.2 mb)