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Future Standard Plans

Future Standard Plans are those approved for publication, that are awaiting the next installment of a revision package (an annual cycle) before they can be referenced from a contract. We post them on the Standard Plans website as they become approved. A Future Standard Plan may be included in a forthcoming contract as a detail sheet. 

View (pdf 271 kb) Dnld (zip 171 kb) A-40.10-04 Cement Concrete Pavement Joints

View (pdf 476 kb) Dnld (zip 214 kb) C-1b Beam Guardrail Posts and Blocks

View (pdf 308 kb) Dnld (zip 900 kb) C-2c Guardrail Placement Median Bullnose

View (pdf 979 kb) Dnld (zip 1,805 kb) C-4f Beam Guardrail Bullnose Terminal

View (pdf 340 kb) Dnld (zip 194 kb) C-20.10-05 Beam Guardrail Type 31

View (pdf 207 kb) Dnld (zip 171 kb) C-20.14-04 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Placement Cases (Cases 1-31, 2-31, and 3-31)

View (pdf 191 kb) Dnld (zip 171 kb) C-20.18-03 Beam Guardrail Type 31
Placement Cases (Cases 10A-31, 10B-31, and 10C-31)

View (pdf 248 kb) Dnld (zip 171 kb) C-20.19-03 Beam Guardrail Type 31
Placement Cases (Cases 11A-31, 11B-31, and 11C-31)

View (pdf 270 kb) Dnld (zip 193 kb) C-20.40-07 Beam Guardrail Placements 12' - 6", 18' - 9" or 25' - 0"

View (pdf 227 kb) Dnld (zip 248 kb) C-20.41-02 Box Culvert Steel Post Guardrail Type 31

View (pdf 312 kb) Dnld (zip 305 kb) C-20.45-02 Beam Guardrail Type 31 DS (W-Beam)

View (pdf 296 kb) Dnld (zip 136 kb) C-22.40-07 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Non Flared Terminal Steel Posts (All Posted Speeds)

View (pdf 296 kb) Dnld (zip 136 kb) C-22.45-04 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Non Flared Terminal Steel Posts (Posted Speeds ~ 45 mph and Below)

View (pdf 224 kb) Dnld (zip 171 kb) C-24.10-02 Guardrail Connection To Bridge Rail

View (pdf 205 kb) Dnld (zip 154 kb) C-25.26-04 Beam Guardrail Type 31 Transition Section Type 23

View (pdf 195 kb) Dnld (zip 84 kb) C-25.80-05 Beam Guardrail Type 31 to Beam Guardrail Type 1 Adaptor

View (pdf 594 kb) Dnld (zip 216 kb) D-10.20-01 Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall Type 3 and 3SW

View (pdf 595 kb) Dnld (zip 214 kb) D-10.25-01 Reinforced Concrete Retaining
Wall Type 4 and 4SW

View (pdf 334 kb) Dnld (zip 462 kb) G-24.50-05 Steel Sign Support Type ST-1 - ST -4 Installation Details

View (pdf 536 kb) Dnld (zip 191 kb) G-26.10-00 Barrier Mounted Elbow Sign Support 

View (pdf 260 kb) Dnld (zip 615 kb) I-30.16-01 High Visibility Silt Fence with Backup Support

View (pdf 198 kb) Dnld (zip 201 kb) I-30.17-01 High Visibility Silt Fence

View (pdf 228 kb) Dnld (zip 312 kb) I-30.30-02 Wattle Installation on Slope

View (pdf 252 kb) Dnld (zip 314 kb) I-30.40-02 Compost Sock

View (pdf 286 kb) Dnld (zip 530 kb) I-30.60-02 Erosion Control Details Coir Log Placement

View (pdf 1,625 kb) Dnld (zip 1,240 kb) J-10.20-02 Service Cabinet Type B Modified (0 to 200 amp Type 120/240 Single Phase)

View (pdf 286 kb) Dnld (zip 530 kb) J-20.10-04 Accesible Pedestrian Pushbutton Post (PPB) and Foundation

View (pdf 709 kb) Dnld (zip 1,305 kb) J-20.11-03 Accesible Pedestrian Pushbutton with Curb Base 

View (pdf 286 kb) Dnld (zip 530 kb) J-28.10-02 Steel Light Standard

View (pdf 286 kb) Dnld (zip 411 kb) J-40.40-02 Nema 4X Junction Box in Sidewalk Located on Structure 

View (pdf 172 kb) Dnld (zip 530 kb) J-50.10-01 Type 1 Induction Loop 

View (pdf 191 kb) Dnld (zip 71 kb) J-50.11-02 Type 2 Induction Loop

View (pdf 179 kb) Dnld (zip 72 kb) J-50.12-02 Type 3 Induction Loop

View (pdf 394 kb) Dnld (zip 101 kb) J-50.13-00 Metering and Data Induction Loops

View (pdf 228 kb) Dnld (zip 221 kb) J-50.18-00 Induction Loop Wiring Details

View (pdf 224 kb) Dnld (zip 227 kb) J-50.19-00 Metering and Data Induction Loop Wiring Details

View (pdf 319 kb) Dnld (zip 441 kb) J-60.14-01 Stainless Steel Channel Mounting Details on Column or Pole

View (pdf 349 kb) Dnld (zip 124 kb) M-11.10-03 Railroad Crossing Layout