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SR 504 to Mt. St. Helens

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A career at WSDOT is a career where you make a difference in people’s lives every day. You will help drivers get where they want to go and get there safely. You will help keep our economy going. What’s better than that? How about unparalleled training opportunities, generous benefits, and flexible schedules?

WSDOT is an agency with one of the highest employee satisfaction ratings. We value and appreciate our employees’ hard work. The public does too. We get thank you notes from them every day.

The work we do touches every single person in Washington State. We’re excited that you want to join us. Thank you for taking the time to explore career opportunities at WSDOT.

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WSF ferryMore than just a paycheck

WSDOT delivers generous benefits, flexible work schedules, training and opportunities for advancement and relocation. We know work-life balance and career growth are key to keeping talented, dedicated employees. See what we can offer you.

Get Your Foot in the Door

You can start your career at WSDOT or transfer in as a seasoned engineer. We have internships for college students, apprenticeships for vocational students, temporary and seasonal work. We hire from the inside and the outside. Look at all our options.

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Maintenance WorkOnline recruiters are available Monday - Friday 8-5 to answer your questions in real time. We want to help, we want to know!  To contact a recruiter, email us at