Equal Opportunity - Federal Small Business Enterprise

The intent of the SBE Program is to increase race-neutral (or voluntary) DBE participation and small business utilization in general. The SBE program will only be implemented on federal-aid contracts without DBE Program race-conscious, or condition of award requirements.

What you need to know:

  • Firms interested in contracts with SBE goals must be certified by going to the Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises
  • Firms certified as DBEs are automatically considered SBEs
  • Washington State Department of Transportation requests prime contractors use SBE-certified contractors for 10 percent of the contract total
  • WSDOT developed a SBE Participation Program (pdf 213 kb) that requires Prime Contractors to submit an SBE Participation Plan after the contract has been awarded before work begins
  • To assist in this process, see SBE Plan Drafting Guidelines & Tips (pdf 34 kb)

For the small business program based on state law see the Minority, Small, Veteran and Women’s Business Enterprise Program.