I-5 - SR 16 Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program - List of projects

Projects now under construction:

6. I-5 - SR 16 Realignment - HOV Structure and Connections

  • Construction began February 2017
  • Widens I-5 at the SR 16 interchange for direct connect HOV lanes between the two highways.
  • Builds new HOV viaduct bridge structure for eastbound and westbound SR 16 traffic
  • Project operationally complete December 2018

Builds new direct-connection HOV ramps between I-5 and SR 16:

  1. new southbound I-5 HOV ramp to westbound SR 16 HOV lane
  2. new eastbound SR 16 HOV ramp to northbound I-5 HOV lane
  3. new eastbound SR 16 HOV ramp to southbound I-5 HOV lane
  4. new northbound I-5 HOV ramp to westbound SR 16 HOV lane

Rebuilds and realigns all northbound and southbound lanes of I-5 to accommodate added lanes above

7. I-5: Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Southbound HOV

  • Construction began February 2019
  • Realigns and builds new southbound I-5 bridge over the Puyallup River
  • Demolishes existing old northbound and southbound Puyallup River Bridges
  • Builds new I-5/L Street underpass
  • Completes construction of future I-5/SR 167 interchange
  • Widens northbound and southbound I-5 for HOV lanes
  • Rehabilitates mainline I-5 pavement
  • Upgrades signing and illumination
  • Builds stormwater collection and treatment facilities

Completed Projects:

1. I-5/SR 16: Westbound Nalley Valley

Construction began in January 2009; new westbound structure opened to westbound SR 16 traffic in 2011

  • Constructed new westbound viaduct bridges over Nalley Valley
  • Built new direct connection from southbound I-5 to Sprague Avenue and westbound SR 16, eliminating much of the weaving motorists had experienced in that area
  • Built new Sprague Avenue ramp to westbound SR 16
  • Built new eastbound SR 16 exit to Sprague Avenue
  • Built new flyover ramp from northbound I-5 to westbound SR 16 and Sprague Avenue
  • Prepared for Eastbound Nalley Valley project

2. I-5: Port of Tacoma Road to King County Line - HOV - Opened to traffic in November 2010

  • Widened I-5 bridges over Wapato Creek, Hylebos Creek and West Hylebos Creek
  • Built I-5 northbound and southbound HOV lanes in the median area of I-5 between the Port of Tacoma Road interchange and the King County Line
  • Made safety and operational improvements
  • Improved stormwater collection and treatment
  • Upgraded highway illumination and signing I-5: Port of Tacoma Road to King County Line - HOV

3. I-5/SR 16: Eastbound Nalley Valley

Construction began in late 2011. Project was completed Aug. 2014.

  • Built new eastbound SR 16 viaduct to northbound and southbound I-5
  • Built new ramp from eastbound SR 16 to southbound I-5
  • Built new ramp from eastbound SR 16 to northbound I-5
  • Built new ramp from Sprague Avenue to northbound and southbound I-5
  • Built freeway connections for future HOV connections

4. I-5: Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Northbound HOV

Construction began Feb. 2015; new northbound bridge opened to all traffic May 2018. Project reached final completion Nov. 2018.

  • Realigned and built a new northbound I-5 bridge over Puyallup River to improve traffic flow
  • Built a new exit and ramp to SR 167
  • Made improvements to the I-5/Portland Avenue interchange
  • Widened a section of I-5 for northbound I-5 HOV lanes
  • Rehabilitated mainline I-5 pavement
  • Made safety and operational improvements on I-5
  • Stage 1 work made ground improvements and did preliminary work in advance of overall project.

4A. I-5: Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Northbound HOV Stage 1  Construction complete December 2012. Composed of a subset of work within overall Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Northbound HOV project

  • Made ground improvements to prepare for future Puyallup River Bridge piers
  • Lowered Portland Avenue under I-5 to maintain vertical clearance
  • Widened and seismically retrofitted I-5 bridges over Portland Avenue and Bay Street
  • Built retaining walls
  • Realigned northbound I-5 exit to SR 167
  • Built temporary erosion and sediment control ponds
  • Installed temporary highway lighting
  • Installed "intelligent transportation system hardware" such as highway loop sensors and traffic cameras that gather traffic information to help WSDOT monitor traffic.
  • Various storm sewer modifications.

5. I-5: M Street to Portland Avenue - HOV

Construction began August 2014. The project reached completion Nov. 2018.

  • Reconstructed the I-5/Pacific Avenue and I-5/McKinley Avenue underpasses
  • Built a new I-5 bridge over SR 7/I-705
  • Widened northbound and southbound I-5 for HOV lanes
  • Upgraded signing, illumination and stormwater collection facilities
  • Rehabilitated mainline I-5 pavement

8. SR 16 - 36th Street to Olympic Drive NW - HOV

Construction began on the project in 2005 and was complete in 2006.

  • Added HOV lanes between Olympic Drive and 36th Street
  • Widened the median and installed concrete barrier
  • Lengthened the Olympic Drive on-ramp to SR 16

9.  SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Opened to traffic July 2007; Completed in 2008

  • Built new eastbound Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • Built toll plaza and operations building, maintenance facility, new War Memorial Park
  • Improved Narrows Park
  • Built new interchange and overpass at Point Fosdick Drive, new eastbound on-ramp at 24th
  • Added capacity to eastbound and westbound SR 16 approaching bridges.
  • Built and opened eastbound and westbound SR 16 HOV lanes across bridges.
  • Funded with tolls.

10. SR 16: Pearl Street to Jackson Avenue - Completed December 2004

  • Improved and widened SR 16 for future HOV lanes

11. SR 16: Union Avenue to Jackson Avenue (pdf 78 kb) - Completed in 2007

  • Reconstructed and widened SR 16 for HOV lanes
  • Widened Snake Lake bridges
  • Constructed new bridges at Pearl and 12th Streets and 6th Avenue Built a large segment of the Highway 16 Multiuse Trail, including a tunnel under South 19th Street

12.  SR 16: Sprague Avenue Interchange to Snake Lake - Completed October 2002

  • Widened SR 16 for future HOV lanes
  • Widened the Cedar Street and Union Avenue bridges
  • Improved Union Avenue interchange ramps
  • Prepared for improvement of Nalley Valley Interchange

13.  I-5/SR 16 Interchange: Rebuild Interchange - 38th Street  - Completed December 2001

  • Constructed new pedestrian bridge
  • Modified ramps and interchange
  • Widened for future HOV lanes

14.  I-5: South 48th Street to South M Street and South M Street to Pacific Avenue (pdf 107 kb) (two projects combined) - Completed in 2008

  • Improved the lane configuration between South 48th Street and Pacific Avenue for future HOV lane construction
  • Removed existing 36th Street pedestrian bridge and Tacoma Avenue Bridge over I-5  
  • Constructed new bridge over South M Street and widened I-5 bridge over M Street
  • Prepared for reconstruction of Nalley Valley interchange
  • Replaced G Street and Yakima Bridges to accommodate future HOV lanes

Projects included in the HOV Program in design:

C.  SR 167/SR 410 to SR 18 - Congestion Management 

  • First phase of construction builds a northbound HOV lane from SR 410/SR 512 to SR 18
  • Second phase completes the express toll lane (ETL) extension by converting the HOV lane to ETL
  • Third phase will extend the southbound SR 167 ETL from Jovita Boulevard to the SR 410/SR 512 interchange

Projects included in the HOV Program but not yet funded:

A.  SR 16 - Olympic Drive Interchange to Purdy - HOV Lanes

  • Would extend HOV lanes north from Olympic Drive interchange to Purdy
  • Would widen SR 16 to provide HOV lanes

B.  I-5: I-5/SR 512 Interchange to SR 16 - Core HOV 

  • Would complete the I-5 Core HOV lanes to the SR 512 interchange
  • Would complete ultimate configuration of 38th Street interchange
  • Would reconstruct 56th Street interchange and replace 48th Street bridge
  • Would replace 72nd Street and 84th Street bridges, and reconstruct 72nd Street and 84th Street interchanges

D.  I-5: SR 512 Interchange

  • Would improve I-5/SR 512 interchange
  • Would widen 96th Street bridges and replace Steele Street Bridge
  • Would prepare for HOV lanes on I-5 in the area