Rail - Vancouver - Rail Yard Bypass - Complete March 2016

Congestion at the busy Vancouver Rail Yard slowed down passenger trains passing the site. This project separated freight and passenger train traffic by constructing a freight bypass track on the eastern side of the BNSF's rail yard, relocating the existing train turntable and moving mechanical and storage buildings.

Needs & benefits

Relieves congestion
Reduces a major bottleneck between passenger and freight trains at this site.

Economic incentive
Improves Amtrak Cascades train reliability, improving the service for passengers who use the train service.

Partnerships & cooperation
WSDOT worked closely with BSNF Railway -- the owner of these tracks and rail yard -- on this project.


WSDOT used federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants for this project.

Project budget: $30.4 million


WSDOT Rail Division
PO Box 47407
Olympia, WA 98504-7407
E-mail: rail@wsdot.wa.gov

Vancouver Rail Yard bypass map

Vancouver Rail Yard turntable
The yard's train turntable was relocated as part of this project

Track Laying Machine installing new bypass track between W 39th St and Fruit Valley Rd
A track laying machine installs new bypass tracks between West 39th Street and Fruit Valley Road in Vancouver.

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