SR 104 - NE 195th St Gabion Rock Wall Emergency Repair - Complete October 2016


WSDOT built a new retaining wall at the intersection of SR 104/Ballinger Way Northeast and Northeast 195th Street in Lake Forest Park in October 2016. The previous rock wall, which was made up of rocks placed in large wire cages called gabions, had pulled away from the roadway embankment on the southeast corner of the intersection, leaving an exposed vertical dirt face along Northeast 195th Street.

After removing the gabions, contractor crews installed steel structural beams and steel sheets to create a new wall then backfilled it with gravel. Protruding through the wall is a culvert that carries Ballinger Creek under Northeast 195th Street. Had it been left unrepaired, the exposed dirt face would have eroded, eventually undermining the sidewalk and the southeast corner of the intersection.


How you benefit

Improves safety
A new retaining wall prevents additional erosion that may have threatened the sidewalk or roadway.

Protects environment
The new retaining wall prevents additional erosion along Ballinger Creek.

Partnerships & cooperation
We coordinated this project with the cities of Lake Forest Park and Shoreline.



 Financial Data for PIN 110430C
 Funding Source  Amount ($ in thousands)
 2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding)  $0
 2005 Gas Tax (TPA)  $0
 Pre-Existing Funds (PEF)  $480
 CWA  $0
 Total  $480


Contact us
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A small map showing the location of the rock wall repair on SR 104 and Northeast 195th Street in Lake Forest Park.
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A small photo showing the collapsing gabion rock wall at the intersection of SR 104 and Northeast 195th Street in Lake Forest Park.
A closer view of the rock wall that pulled away from the embankment. The wire cages filled with rocks are known as gabions.