SR 167 Completion Project

Project news

  • In keeping with Gov. Inslee’s phased approach for reopening Washington’s economy, construction on the 70th Avenue East Bridge Replacement Project resumed in May of 2020. Crews began pile driving to build the foundation for the new 70th Avenue East Bridge. See the SR 167 Completion Project construction page for more information.
  • Our design team is actively working on preparing the contract documents for our second project, known as SR 167/I-5 to SR 509 - New Expressway Project (formerly Stage 1b), which will build  a new SR 167/I-5 interchange and a two-mile extension of the SR 167 corridor between I-5 and SR 509.  We expect to begin construction on the extension and interchange in early 2022 and complete construction by the end of 2025.

Needs & benefits

The SR 167 Completion Project will build the remaining four miles of SR 167 between Meridian and I-5, completing a long-planned connection to I-5. The Project also includes a two-mile connection from I-5 to the Port of Tacoma.

The SR 167 Completion Project is a critical missing link in the state's highway network. SR 167 is the primary freeway connecting the Kent and Puyallup River valleys to the Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue metropolitan area. Its completion will benefit the movement of freight, while improving safety and reducing congestion on local roads and highways in the surrounding area.

When completed, drivers will see a divided highway with access points at interchanges in key locations: SR 509, 54th Avenue, I-5, Valley Avenue East and SR 161.

Check out our video about the SR 167 Completion Project to learn about the project’s benefits and get a glimpse of what it will look like when it’s completed.

Project benefits

  • Freight connections. Completes critical freight links between the Port of Tacoma and the manufacturing and industrial areas in Pierce County. 
  • Regional mobility. Reduces congestion on local roads and highways by providing improved east-west travel.
  • Intelligent transportation. Electronic tolling on the route will manage congestion, which improves safety and reliability for all users.
  • Multimodal connections. Connects walking/biking trails, including the Interurban Trail.
  • Environmental enhancements. Restores wildlife and aquatic habitat, reduces flooding, improves water quality, and provides access to local pedestrian trails.
  • Regional job and economic growth. Supports regional job growth and economic growth associated with the state's two largest ports.


The SR 167 Completion Project was originally funded over a 16-year timeline with targeted completion in 2031. The state Legislature advanced Program funding in the 2019 session, moving project completion to 2028.

  • 70th Avenue East Bridge Replacement Project (formerly Stage 1a): Constructs a new four-lane 70th Avenue East bridge over I-5 in Fife; work began in early 2020 and will take about 18 months to complete.
  • SR 167/I-5 to SR 509 - New Expressway Project (Stage 1b): Constructs two miles of new highway between I-5 and the Port of Tacoma. Work begins in 2022 and will take about four years to complete.
  • SR 167/I-5 to SR 161 - New Expressway Project (formerly Stage 2): Constructs four miles of new highway between Meridian Avenue and I-5 as well as several new interchanges. Construction begins in early 2024 and should be complete by the end of 2028.


Gateway Program funding totals approximately $2 billion from four sources: 1) $1.6 billion from the Connecting Washington funding package; 2) $130 million from local contributions; 3) $180 million from tolling; and 4) Federal grants. The SR 167 Completion Project will receive about $1 billion of the Program’s total funds.


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