SR 20 - SR 9 to Hansen Creek and SR 9 SR 20 to Park Cottage Pl - Paving and ADA - Project Photos

A section of SR 9, shown here, will be repaved and pedestrian crossings at some intersections improved during this 2018 construction project. SR 20 between Ferry Street and Fruitdale Road will also get new pavement and some improved pedestrian crossings.

Larger photo of a pedestrian crossing on SR 9 north of SR 20.
Pedestrian crossing improvements will be made at nine different intersections throughout this project area. These improvements will bring crossings up to federal standards and improve the travel experience for those walking and/or using wheelchairs.

Larger photo of SR 20 paving project area near Ferry Street in Sedro-Woolley.
In 2017 WSDOT contractor crews repaved a stretch of SR 20 between the hospital and Food Pavilion and resurfaced a stretch of highway between Sedro-Woolley and Concrete. This 2018 project will repave SR 20 between those two work zones, giving people who drive or cycle through this area a smoother ride while keeping the highway preserved.