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SR 532 - Davis Slough Bridge replacement - Complete May 2016

WSDOT built a new, wider bridge for SR 532 over Davis Slough and widened a section of SR 532 between the Camano Gateway Bridge and the west side of the slough. The new bridge replaces a narrow bridge that was built more than 60 years ago.


How you benefit

Improves safety
The new bridge was built to withstand a major earthquake and has a 12-foot wide lane in each direction, a 4-foot center median and 14-foot wide shoulders with plenty of room for bicycles, pedestrians and disabled vehicles. The project also raised the roadway about 5 feet and the bridge up to 9 feet. This will protect it against flooding during high tides and storms. Adding wide shoulders to the highway and bridge provides a safe area for bicyclists, pedestrians and disabled vehicles.

Relieves congestion
Collisions are a major source of congestion. With the new wider shoulders most traffic has room for traffic to get by a collision scene. On the old bridge, a collision at the bridge could block the entire highway.

Protects environment
To expand SR 532, WSDOT had to claim about 3.5 acres of wetland adjacent to the highway. To make up for the loss of wetland, WSDOT is restoring about 23 acres of wetland near Dugualla Bay on Whidbey Island. The restored saltwater marsh will provide habitat for juvenile salmon and other marine life.


2005 Gas Tax (TPA): $24,911,000
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $4,109,000
Total: $29,020,000


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