SR 704 - Cross Base Highway Project

Project news

  • This project is on indefinite hold pending funding by the Washington State Legislature.
  • On August 29, 2017 the Federal Highway Administration issued a notice that rescinded the Record of Decision for the proposed State Route 704 Cross Base Highway in Pierce County.
  • Project 1, Spanaway Loop Road to SR 7
    The first phase of the project, the Spanaway Loop Road to SR 7, was constructed in 2008 and 2009.

What happened in Project 1?
Project 1 connected Spanaway Loop Road to SR 7, drastically improving safety and mobility. New dual right-turn lanes from Spanaway Loop Road to southbound SR 7 and dual left-turn lanes from SR 7 to Spanaway Loop Road ease back-ups during peak travel times.

Photos of ribbon-cutting ceremony
Past Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond and elected officials celebrated the completion of the first Cross Base project Aug. 26, 2009.


Why was WSDOT considering building SR 704?
The project was intended to improve transportation system linkage and capacity between Pierce County and destinations along the I-5 corridor for the efficient movement of people and goods.

This project would address the following needs:

  • Reduce traffic volumes and congestion on existing roadways such as SR 7, SR 512, SR 507, Spanaway Loop Road, and 174th Street South.
  • Provide a direct arterial link in the mid-Pierce County area in proximity with the Cities of Lakewood and DuPont for the movements of vehicles, public transit, freight, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Improve public safety by providing faster and direct emergency vehicle access between Pierce County and medical facilities such as Madigan Army Hospital.
  • Improve access to and between the military installations by providing an exclusive roadway for Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


The End Result
When complete, the Cross-base Highway (SR 704) would provide regional travelers with a new six-mile-long, multi-lane divided highway beginning at the I-5 Thorne Lane Interchange at the west end, connecting to 176th Street at SR 7 at the east end.

This new alternate east-west route would ease congestion on I-5, SR 512, SR 7 and Spanaway Loop Road by providing a route through Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Project Benefits

  • Congestion Relief - The I-5 corridor, SR 512, and SR 7, along with county roads, would experience congestion relief and reduced delays as a result of this new project.
  • Safety - This new highway would be designed to modern safety standards with full-width lanes and shoulders. The new interchange at Thorne Lane on I-5 would improve traffic flow and enhance safety.
  • Environmental Benefits - This project would meet or exceed the latest environmental standards, including the development of a 358-acre habitat to protect and enhance the environment.


What is the project timeline?
The SR 704 Cross-base Highway is divided into five independent projects. Construction on Project 1, Spanaway Loop Rd to SR 7, began in July 2008. The four remaining projects are suspended awaiting funding. 

Financial Information
WSDOT estimates that the entire project will cost approximately $410 million (in 2012 dollars). 


How can I get more information?

Cara Mitchell
Media Relations
WSDOT Olympic Region