SR 99 - SR 525 Interchange Vic to Lincoln Way Vic – Paving & ADA Compliance - Complete September 2016

WSDOT repaved nearly two miles of SR 99/Evergreen Way and SR 525, as well as a section of Lincoln Way between the two highways in the summer of 2016.

Approximately 17 pedestrian curb ramps were also improved or constructed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Repaving the highway surface eliminated cracks and wheel ruts in the pavement, making for a smoother, safer ride for drivers. New high-visibility striping was installed so drivers have an easier time seeing marked lanes, especially at night. Improvements to pedestrian curb ramps now provide a safer transition from roadway to sidewalk.

Economic incentive
This project reduces the need for emergency repairs, which are costly to taxpayers and can cause additional congestion during peak commute hours.


Partnerships & cooperation
We coordinated this project with Snohomish County and the cities of Lynnwood and Everett.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $4,249,000
Total: $4,249,000


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