US 2 - 97 Lower Sunnyslope Road - Access Control - Completed October 2016

This Highway Capital Improvement Collision Reduction project (I-2) is on US 2/97 at milepost 117.00 to milepost 117.69. It addressed at-angle and crossing collisions.

Contract #8942 was awarded July 25th to Construction Ahead Inc., dba Pavement Surface Control for $199,349.90.

Construction began September 13 and was complete by October.

Over the past 10 years there had been over 70 collisions at the Lower Sunnyslope Road intersection, two miles west of Wenatchee.

Ttraffic on the north side of US 2/97 is now only permitted to make right-in/right-out turns to and from Lower Sunnyslope Rd. On the south side, the only movement restricted is going straight, across all five lanes of the highway. Turning left to US 2/97 westbound is permitted. Right turns are also permitted as are left turns for westbound traffic on US 2/97 turning onto Lower Sunnyslope Road.


How you benefit

Improves safety
A turn restricted intersection accommodates emergency vehicles but still reduces the potential for collisions.


Partnerships & cooperation
The input we received from the nearly 100  who came to the Lower Sunnyslope intersection open house March 30 resulted in a new preferred alternative including a left turn toward Cashmere.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $439,000
Total: $439,000


Contact us
WSDOT North Central Region Project Engineering.

Kevin Waligorski, construction
(509) 667-2860
2830 Euclid Ave.
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