Viaduct demolition tracker

Tracking viaduct demolition

The interactive map below shows current active construction areas and estimated dates for each segment (frame) of the viaduct. The start and end dates shown include time for setting up fences, preparing the site, active demolition, and restoring the site to its previous condition.

Work start dates more than 14 days ahead are estimates and subject to change. 

Tracker key colors

  • Green = Not yet started. Work has not yet begun in this area.
  • Orange = Starting soon. Crews are expected to begin work in this area within the next month. Click on the segment for more details.
  • Red = Site prep or active demolition. Streets closed in area, expect detours.
  • Blue = Site restoration. Demolition is complete and crews are cleaning up and restoring area to its former use. Streets may still be closed.
  • Gray = Work complete. This section of the viaduct has been removed and the land beneath the viaduct restored to its previous usage prior to demolition. Streets are open.

Updated weekly. Last updated: November 26, 2019

How to use this tracker

The viaduct will be taken down in segments. Click on each segment to see its construction start and end dates. Start dates more than 14 days in the future are preliminary and could change.


Alaskan Way will be narrowed to one lane in each direction adjacent construction areas. Click on a segment for more information about work in that area.


 Not yet started  Starting soon
 Prep or active demolition Site restoration
 Work complete  construction zone icon Road closed
waterfront zone icon Waterfront Seattle work zone