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Appraisal Forms

Appraisal Forms List (docx 26kb) - October 2014

RES 203 - Staff Appraiser Assignment Form (docx 21kb)
RES 204 - Report of Contact with Owner (docx 24kb)

RES 205 - Certificate of Appraiser (docx 29kb)

RES 206 - Summary of Conclusions (docx 29kb)

RES 207 - Subject Sketch and Photographs (docx 29kb)

RES 208 - Narrative Report Template (docx 220kb)

RES 210 - Market Data (docx 38kb)

RES 210B - Sale Sketch and Photographs (docx 24kb)

RES 211 - Appraisal Assumptions and Limiting Conditions (docx 27kb)

RES 212 - Salient Information (docx 26kb)

RES 213 - Abbreviated Appraisal Report Format (docx 34kb)

RES 214 - WSDOT Review DV Document (docx 60kb)

RES 214A - Fee Review DV Document for WSDOT (docx 43kb)

RES 214B - Local Agency Certificate of Value (docx 37kb)

RES 215 - PFE Parcel Worksheet (docx 29kb)

RES 216 - Administrative Offer Summary (docx 52kb)
RES 217 - Residential Realty Personalty Report (xls 15kb)

RES 218 - Commercial or Industrial Realty/Personalty Report (xls 16kb)

RES 219 - WSDOT Surplus Appraisal (docx 90kb)

RES 220 - Mobile Home Worksheet - Personal Property (docx 36kb)

220-015 - Environmental Checklist for Surplus Property Disposal (fp7 188kb)

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