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20-Year Aviation System Plan

aerial view of Winthrop Airport runwayOur aviation system is served by a diverse mixture of airports ranging in size from small back-country airports to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the state's busiest commercial airport. The system is comprised of public use airports, both publicly and privately owned, which are conveniently located to meet a full range of transportation needs for commercial, business, personal, recreation, training and medical emergencies.

With significant change expected in coming years, WSDOT Aviation conducts long-term planning to face the challenge of maintaining and improving our aviation system for the future. There is a growing recognition that Washington’s network of 135 public use airports needs to be managed as an integrated system, to more strategically invest the public resources necessary to preserve future aviation capacity. It is the state’s role to guide development of a coherent statewide strategy to ensure that adequate aviation capacity exists to accommodate predicted growth.

The last system plan was completed in 2009 as part of the Long-Term Air Transportation Study. The study included a systemwide airport inventory and 25 year forecast. 

The 2015 Washington Aviation System Plan update is currently underway.

The collected data is also available on the web at Airport Information System