Bridge Technical Advisors

The Bridge and Structures Office has identified a Primary Bridge Technical Advisor (BTA) for the following construction projects in accordance with the WSDOT Bridge Design Manual Section 1.3.6 (pdf 950 kb). The Secondary BTA assigned will be the Primary's supervisor, unless otherwise noted in the BTA List.

The BTA role and responsibilities are described in the WSDOT Construction Manual Section GEN 1-00.11 (pdf 5.16 mb). The Project Engineer shall set up a meeting between the Project Office, ASCE and primary BTA to discuss project roles, responsibilities and communication protocols.

For additional contact information or any questions, please contact the Bridge Construction Support  Supervisor at


Northwest Region BTA Assignments

Contract Project BTA Supervisor
7999 SR 99 AWV Deep Bore Tunnel (DB) Tim Moore Khaleghi
8811 I-405 SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector (DB) Ralph Dornsife Zeldenrust
9015 SR 520 Montlake to Lk Washington Bridge Replace (DB) John Young Moore
9151 I-90 Floating Bridges Replace Anchor Cables Nick Rodda Khaleghi
9160 SR 99 South Access Eric Schultz Moore
9168 SR 99 Aurora Bridge Painting Stage 2 Doug Olson Swett
9183 US 2 I-5 I/C to Bickford Ave David Sawahata Aldrich
9242 I-405/Renton to Bellevue Corridor Widening & ETL (DB) John Young Moore
9330 I-5 NB SR104 to 164th I/C Paving & Expansion Joints Anthony Mizumori Aldrich
9344 SR 20 Deception and Canoe Pass Bridges Paint & Repair Doug Olson Swett
9345 SR 18 EB Soosette Cr To Holder Cr Deck Overlay J. C. Hsieh Aldrich
9357 SR 509 & SR 518, S 192 St To Normandy Pk & SR 509 Craig Boone Rosa
9363 US 2 & SR 9 Bickford Ave To Gold Bar Paving & Joints Boyan Dobrev Aldrich
9429 I-90 Eastgate to SR900 David Sawahata Aldrich
9510 SR 99 NB Duwamish River Br Grid Deck Replacement Zack Reid Rodda


Olympic Region BTA Assignments

Contract Project BTA Supervisor
TA6499 Traffic Ave Interchange for City of Sumner Amir Saleh Aldrich
8670 I-5 Portland Ave to Port of Tacoma Rd NB HOV Anthony Mizumori Aldrich
8818 I-5 SR 16 Interchange - Construct HOV Connections (DB) Geoff Swett Zeldenrust
9018 US 101 Coffee Creek Remove Fish Barrier (DB) Ralph Dornsife Zeldenrust
9133 I-5 Steilacoom Dupont to Thorne Lane Improvements (DB) Amy Leland Zeldenrust
9157 I-5 Portland Ave to Port of Tacoma Rd SB HOV (DB) Anthony Mizumori Aldrich
9297 SR 510 Marvin Rd I/C Reconstruction Gary Bedi Dornsife
9333 SR 167 70th Ave E. Vic Bridge Replacement (DB) Tim Moore Khaleghi
9358 SR104 Hood Canal Br Column & Crossbeam Sealing Zack Reid Rodda
9360 SR 107 Chehalis River Br Rehabilitation & Painting Chris Feely Aldrich
9384 I-5 Plum St To S Tacoma Way Paving Chase Weeks Aldrich
9398 US 101 West Jefferson Co Remove Fish Barriers Monique Pawelka Zeldenrust
9409 SR 305 Agate Pass Bridge Bridge Painting Craig Boone Rosa
9438 SR 162 Spiketon Creek Temporary Bridge Nick Rodda Khaleghi
9446 SR 320 Remove Fish Barriers & Minter Creek Bridge Amy Leland Zeldenrust
9458 I-5 Over Pacific Ave Seismic Retrofit Chase Weeks Aldrich
9483 SR 512  Pacific Ave to Canyon Rd E Paving & Br. Repair Kyle Howlett Aldrich
9491 US 101 5th St to S. H Paving & St Expansion Joint Mod Chris Feely Aldrich
9516 US 101 Bagley Creek Remove Fish Barrier with Bridge Adam Brain Zeldenrust
9516 US 101 Siebert Creek Remove Fish Barrier with Bridge Geoff Swett Zeldenrust


Southwest Region BTA Assignments

Contract Project BTA Supervisor
9184 SR 409 Columbia River Br at Puget Island Mike Rosa Zeldenrust
9412 SR 6 So Branch Fronia Crk And Fronia Crk Fish Passage William Miller Swett
9414 SR 6 Salmon Creek Fish Passage Gary Bedi Dornsife
9419 SR 506 Lacamas Creek Bridge Replacement Chris Feely Aldrich
9433 I-5 SB Toutle River Br Expansion Joint & Deck Chase Weeks Aldrich


South Central Region BTA Assignments

Contract Project BTA Supervisor
9036 I-90 468th St to W. Summit Concrete Deck J. C. Hsieh Aldrich
9214 I-90 Yakima River Bridges Cle Elum To Ellensburg Anthony Mizumori Aldrich
9247 I-82 South Union Gap Interchange Construct Ramps (DB) J. C. Hsieh Aldrich
9366 US 395 Pioneer Memorial Bridge Craig Boone Rosa
9385 I-90 Bullfrog Rd Vic Bridge Rehab Chase Weeks Aldrich
9558 I-90 Easton Hill to W Easton I/C WB Replace Bridge and Build Detour Eric Schultz Aldrich


North Central Region BTA Assignments

Contract Project BTA Supervisor
9323 US 97 Boundary Br Remove Fish Barrier Geoff Swett Zeldenrust
9388 SR 153 Methow River Bridges Structural Rehab Phase 3 J. C. Hsieh Aldrich


Eastern Region BTA Assignments

Contract Project BTA Supervisor
9252 US 395 NSC Columbia to Freya Gary Bedi Dornsife
9264 I-90 2nd & 3rd Ave W Bridges - Deck Repair J. C. Hsieh Aldrich
9354 SR 21 Keller Ferry Terminal & Pontoon Replacement N&S Amy Leland Zeldenrust
9425 I-90 Medical Lake I/C Reconstruction Nick Rodda Khaleghi
9426 SR 21 W Fork San Poil Bridge Replace Structure Zack Reid Rodda
9465 Emergency Project Danekas Rd Br Span Replacement Chase Weeks Aldrich
9509 SR290   Spokane River E Trent Replace Bridge Amy Leland Zeldenrust