Closing out discharge permits

Once all work is complete, close out all the permit conditions that authorize discharge into a wetland or stream. Use this page to help understand the closeout conditions for Clean Water Act Section 404 and 401 and Rivers and Harbors Act Section 10 permits.

Use the Environmental commitments & compliance webpage and Chapter 630: Close out of environmental commitments of our Environmental Manual to find an overview of closing out commitments and conditions once construction is complete.

Nationwide permit compliance certification

If work was verified under the nationwide permits, complete the Certificate of Compliance Form included with your authorization letter and submit it to the Corps when construction is complete. Find more information on the certification requirements in Section 4: Nationwide Permit General Conditions 30: Compliance Certification of the Corps User’s Guide for Nationwide Permits in Washington State (pdf 2.27 mb).

As-built reports for mitigation

The as-built report required to close out permits have different, less stringent requirements than the engineered As-Built Plans prepared once construction is complete. The purpose of the engineered As-Built Plans is to show the physical characteristics of the new facility for use as a basis to plan and design future projects.

For permits, the as-built report serves as a baseline for managing and monitoring construction compliance, mitigation sites, on-site restoration work for temporary impacts, and on-site wetland or riparian planting after all work is complete. Show the restoration efforts with photos, and note if the final mitigation or construction work final product is different from the original plan and explain why in the reports. Find out how to prepare as-built reports in Part 2: Developing Mitigation Plans, Section 3.6.1, of the Wetland Mitigation in Washington State (pdf 1.47 mb).

The plan sheets and drawings may be as simple as the original permit drawings with clear and legible hand-written notations showing the changes. It is not necessary to prepare engineered drawings for the permit as-built report. Use the Permit application drawings webpage to prepare as-built drawings that meet the requirements of the Corps and Ecology.