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The project is underway and progress and traffic impacts are posted on the WSDOT North Central Region Construction Update and Travel Advisory, weekly.

Needs & benefits

To restore and preserve region highways to extend the life cycle of the roadway at the at the most economical time we repair and resurface the pavement.  78 miles of 3 rural highways in the region were scheduled this year - 49 miles of SR 155 from Coulee Dam to Omak (MP 29-78) - all 1/3 of a mile of SR 213 from US 97 to Malott (MP 0-.35), in Okanogan County and all 28 miles of SR 243 from the junction with SR 24 at Vernita to the junction with SR 26 at Vantage (MP 0-28). The contract includes 49 miles of crack sealing, asphalt paving, chip sealing, shoulder and pavement repair, 25 miles of centerline rumble strip, 1200 feet of new guardrail, 1,500 flexible guideposts, some new lights and new permanent highway signs.


Construction began April 22 with asphalt pre-leveling.  Work should be complete in August 2019. Expect a posted 35 mile per hour speed reduction through the work zone. Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. expect delays up to 20 min. with flagger and pilot car controlled traffic for paving or other work requiring a lane to be closed.


This project is funded through the WSDOT Capital Improvement Preservation Program (P1-Paving & P3 Support to remove fish barriers). Contract #9365 was awarded to Granite Construction Co. on Feb. 6, 2019 for $8,587,587.00.


Brian Pearson, Project Engineer   509-667-2880

All of SR 155, 213 and 243 are being repaired and resurfaced

SR 155, 213, & 243 are being resurfaced