SR 167 Completion Project - Map

Map of SR 167 completion project with information callouts

  1. Tolling SR 167
    All lanes on the new portion of SR 167 will be tolled using two electronic toll points. There will be no tollbooths. Toll rates will be set by time of day – more during peak periods and less during mid-day, evenings and weekends. Toll rates for the new portion of SR 167 have not been determined. A toll authorization bill must be passed by the Legislature before tolling begins. $95 million from tolls will be used to construct the SR 167 Completion project. The Washington State Transportation Commission would then oversee the rate-setting process. The rate-setting process will begin closer to when the project is completed.
  2. Working with Sound Transit
    WSDOT is working closely with Sound Transit on the Tacoma Dome Link Extension project as both agencies work to build new major infrastructure projects in the area.
  3. Riparian Restoration Program (RRP)
    The RRP is a watershed strategy for stormwater management that will use an innovative approach to conventional flow control facilities. It will reduce flood levels, improve degraded stream and riparian corridor habitat, and provide benefits to fish and wildlife.
  4. Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)
    Through this project, WSDOT will implement the state’s second Diverging Diamond Interchange. The DDI will function as an on and off ramp to I-5. The unique design will improve traffic safety by decreasing the amount of conflict points throughout the interchange.
  5. Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
    A single point urban Interchange, known as a SPUI, is planned to be constructed at the new interchange between SR 167 and SR 161. These interchanges are efficient and only utilize one traffic signal to control all the movements at the interchange.