SR 24 - Bench Road Intersection Improvements

Project news

On Sunday, March 29, the construction detour was lifted.  A roundabout intersection is now in place.  Project construction has been suspended in accordance with the Governor's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" proclamation and until further notice.

This project has been awarded to Cameron-Reilly, L.L.C and started Feb. 10, 2020.  Construction will continue through April 2020 and will require two complete closures of the intersection with a detour during construction.  An open house for this project was held on Jan. 16, 2020 at the Othello City Hall to share information about the project and details regarding the planned detour.  Project updates, including detour details, are available by contacting NCR Communications by email or by calling 509-667-2815.

Needs & benefits

This project will improve both the safety and efficiency at the intersection of Bench Road and SR 24 located just south of the Othello city limits in Adams County. 

Currently there is a four legged intersection with stop control on Bench Rd.  It is a main access point to and from the Othello area for surrounding residences, recreation, agricultural lands, and several businesses by way of Bench Rd.

Adams County, the City of Othello met with WSDOT extensively to identify potential improvements that would increase safety at this intersection.  Both the City and the County had received numerous citizen complaints regarding the safety of this intersection.  At the request of Adams County, WSDOT completed traffic and crash analysis that verified the need for improvements at this location.

That crash analysis determined that the majority of collisions at this intersection are caused by vehicles turning on to SR 24.  Roundabout studies have demonstrated that the type of high severity and high frequency crashes that occur at this location could be reduced significantly.


Relocation of utilities has been initiated and will continue through January 2020 to ensure that the utilities are not affected by the construction of the roundabout.

Construction of the roundabout began on Feb. 10, 2020.  Due to the close proximity of the adjacent irrigation canal, the existing irrigation pipe crossing under Bench Rd will need to be removed and extended. This work will coincide with the installation of all electrical and domestic water lines crossing under SR 24 and Bench Rd.  This will require the first closure of the intersection, scheduled for three days to expedite the installation of the irrigation pipe and crossings and to minimize the impacts to the traveling public.

Beginning in March and through April 2020, the contractor will construct the sidewalk corners of the roundabout that will require flagger controlled traffic and some delays.   When the sidewalk corners are completed, the intersection will be closed for the second time to allow for the construction of the roundabout center island, vehicle apron, and splitter islands on each of the four legs of the intersection.  This closure will be for 12 days and at the end of the closure, the project will be complete and the roundabout will be open to the public. 

During the project the regulatory speed limit will be reduced from 45 mph to 35 mph through the project area.


This project is estimated at $2.6 million and is funded through a partnership with Adams County, which contributed grant funds for a portion of this project.


James Reynolds, Project Engineer

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