SR 522 - Paradise Lake Road Interchange - Study Report

Drivers regularly experience heavy congestion at the SR 522 Paradise Lake Road intersection. The congestion frequently spills over onto side streets and drivers try to find ways around the bottlenecks on the highway.
An improved interchange, capable of handling more cars more efficiently, will increase traffic flow, decrease congestion, and improve travel times. It will also decrease the risk of rear-end collisions during stop-and-go conditions, greatly improving driver safety.

In June 2018, WSDOT formed a Technical Advisory Group (TAC), consisting of representatives from area communities and agencies, to provide feedback from their communities and make recommendations on an interchange design for the intersection. Over three meetings, TAC members worked with WSDOT to identify the preliminary preferred alternative using criteria such as safety, local street operations, SR 522 operations and forward compatibility. The TAC reviewed forecasted traffic analysis maps, area development plans, community benefits and impacts and project costs.

Summary Report (pdf 9.3 mb)
Appendix A: Methods and Assumptions (pdf 148 kb)
Appendix B: Basis of Design (pdf 231 kb)
Appendix C: Public Engagement Summary (pdf 1.8 mb)
Appendix D: Operational and Safety Report (pdf 32.3 mb)
Appendix E: Summary of Workshop Alternatives (pdf 5.4 mb)
Appendix F: Criteria Weighting Summary (pdf 209 kb)
Appendix G: Alternative Evaluation Scoring Sheets by TAC Members (pdf 174 kb)
Appendix H: Environmental Review and Analysis Report (pdf 16.5 mb)
Appendix I: Preliminary Utility Review (pdf 323 kb)
Appendix J: Conceptual Plan Sheets (pdf 2.6 mb)
Appendix K: Winter 2019 Fact Sheet (pdf 205 kb)