Design-Build Manual

Design-build is a highly utilized project delivery method by state departments of transportation (DOTs) across the country. Transportation is the fastest growing design-build sector in the United States, with transportation design-build projects substantially increasing since 2010, both in quantity and value of projects.  
The purpose of this manual is to provide WSDOT staff with an understanding of the policies and recommended procedures for delivering a design-build projects. It is intended to provide detailed guidance to staff on processes and procedures specific to design-build and to support consistent and cost effective delivery of design-build projects statewide. This manual has been prepared for Engineering Managers, Design Engineers, Construction Engineers, Evaluators, Project Engineers, and other Project Team members who are responsible for appropriately selecting, developing, and administering projects using design-build.  
Design-Build is only one method of project delivery used by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for delivering transportation projects. Because design-build incorporates both design and construction services in the same contract, it can offer numerous benefits for the right projects. Those benefit include: 

  • Achieving the best price or best value for the project 
  • Achieving critical schedule requirements for the project including key milestones Achieving the best quality and maximum scope within the limitations of cost, schedule and other project limits 
  • Aligning the Design and Construction Office staff resources with the Project Delivery Method (PDM) to increase contract administration efficiency 

Aligning the attributes of the project with the PDM to best meet the Project Goals Utilize the characteristics of the PDM to effectively mitigate or respond to project risks However, design-build may not be optimal for every project so the WSDOT Project Delivery Method Selection Guidance (PDMSG) should be reviewed when choosing a delivery method.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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