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There are over 400 weather stations in Washington. If you do not see the name of the city or area you are looking for, type the city name into the search box and a list of weather stations in the area will be provided.

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Station Name ° F Current Conditions
Delaney on US 12 at mp 382 44 N/A
Denny Creek on I-90 at mp 50.44 N/A N/A
Diamond Point on US 101 at mp 274.60 44 N/A
Dodson Road on I-90 at mp 164.56 N/A N/A
Dryden Road on US 2 at mp 104.81 41 N/A
Dusty on SR 26 at mp 116.92 36 N/A
DW0126 Tenino 51 N/A
DW0249 Olympia 54 N/A
DW0372 Duvall 51 N/A
DW0504 Toppenish 41 N/A
DW0646 Camas 57 N/A
DW0677 Vancouver 55 N/A
DW0707 Ocean Shores 51 N/A
DW0882 Snoqualmie 57 N/A
DW0884 Bellingham 46 N/A
DW1373 Gig Harbor 53 N/A
DW1563 Tacoma 55 N/A
DW1693 Everett 48 N/A
DW1735 Seatac 55 N/A
DW1830 Vancouver 54 N/A
DW1832 Enumclaw 46 N/A
DW2356 Cathlamet 48 N/A
DW2468 Bellingham 43 N/A
DW2607 Silverdale 53 N/A
DW2629 Snohomish 48 N/A
DW2690 Snohomish 48 N/A
DW3008 Bothell 51 N/A
DW3224 Coupeville 48 N/A
DW3243 Deming 51 N/A
DW3348 Humptulips 46 N/A
DW3422 Kirkland 54 N/A
DW3702 Kent 57 N/A
DW3884 Covington 50 N/A
DW3996 Grand Coulee 45 N/A
DW4130 Camas 57 N/A
DW4490 Medina 55 N/A
DW4698 Prescott 50 N/A
DW4784 Hoodsport 50 N/A
DW4816 Snoqualmie 52 N/A
DW4827 North Bend 54 N/A
DW4859 Seattle 55 N/A
DW5375 Decatur Island 46 N/A
DW5386 Rochester 46 N/A
DW5864 Bainbridge Island 54 N/A
DW5914 Anacortes 50 N/A
DW6133 Yarrow Point 52 N/A
DW6152 Renton 51 N/A
DW6220 Pullman 37 N/A
DW6232 Pomeroy 30N 46 N/A
DW6241 Marysville 44 N/A
DW6242 Deer Park N/A N/A
DW6254 Pomeroy 42 N/A
DW6278 Walla Walla 37 N/A
DW6561 Kennewick 44 N/A
DW6656 Black Diamond 53 N/A
DW6665 Seattle 57 N/A
DW6755 Roslyn 34 N/A
DW6811 Seattle 55 N/A
DW6863 Bow 50 N/A
DW6866 Puyallup 53 N/A
DW6891 Wynaco N/A N/A
DW6994 Woodinville 51 N/A
DW7103 Yelm 46 N/A
DW7184 Port Townsend 51 N/A
DW7202 Grapeview 51 N/A
DW7321 Spokane 39 N/A
DW7371 Lopez Island 46 N/A
DW7465 Bothell 48 N/A
DW7537 Bellevue 55 N/A
DW7538 Winthrop 42 N/A
DW7759 Glenwood 30 N/A
DW7795 Forks 42 N/A
DW7823 Marysville 48 N/A
DW7921 Burien 57 N/A
DW8222 Woodinville 34 N/A
DW8292 Spokane 42 N/A
DW8374 Ellensburg 37 N/A
DW8513 Seattle 55 N/A
DW8546 Wenatchee 43 N/A
DW8787 Winlock 45 N/A
DW8946 Battle Ground 57 N/A
DW8947 Indianola 54 N/A
DW8961 Bonney Lake 55 N/A
DW8969 Bellingham 51 N/A
DW9004 Benton City 43 N/A
DW9059 Lynnwood 50 N/A
DW9064 Northport 33 N/A
DW9139 Chelan 46 N/A
DW9306 Mill Creek 48 N/A
DW9323 Seattle 54 N/A
DW9346 Shelton 51 N/A
DW9489 Seattle 55 N/A
DW9522 Touchet 37 N/A
DW9572 Benton City 50 N/A
DW9627 Lyle 46 N/A
DW9633 Cle Elum 33 N/A
DW9685 Connell 41 N/A
DW9686 Pasco 39 N/A
DW9695 Connell 42 N/A
DW9722 Monroe 48 N/A
DW9732 Ellensburg 28 N/A
DW9771 Ocean Shores 48 N/A
DW9800 Pullman 37 N/A
DW9896 Eastsound 54 N/A