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There are over 400 weather stations in Washington. If you do not see the name of the city or area you are looking for, type the city name into the search box and a list of weather stations in the area will be provided.

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Station Name ° F Current Conditions
Ferry County Line on SR 20 at mp 297 N/A N/A
Franklin Falls on I-90 at mp 51.25 26 N/A
Frenchtown Rd on SR 12 at mp 328.75 30 N/A
Friday Harbor 40 N/A
FW0122 East Wenatchee 28 N/A
FW0143 Anatone 21 N/A
FW0240 Bremerton 39 N/A
FW0249 Forks 39 N/A
FW0314 Poulsbo 37 N/A
FW0405 Everett 34 N/A
FW0553 Vancouver 39 N/A
FW0676 Gig Harbor N/A N/A
FW0821 Seattle 39 N/A
FW0868 Vashon 36 N/A
FW1071 Bay Center 42 N/A
FW1084 Waitsburg 27 N/A
FW1090 Enumclaw 37 N/A
FW1160 Bellingham 30 N/A
FW1394 Anacortes 34 N/A
FW1440 Anacortes 34 N/A
FW1511 Centralia 36 N/A
FW1628 Keyport 39 N/A
FW1857 Anacortes 36 N/A
FW2021 Seattle 39 N/A
FW2061 Camano Island 37 N/A
FW2116 Vancouver 39 N/A
FW2133 Port Ludlow 39 N/A
FW2178 Bothell 34 N/A
FW2181 Ocean Park 41 N/A
FW2305 Vancouver 42 N/A
FW2316 Federal Way 39 N/A
FW2362 OVF Dallesport 25 N/A
FW2380 Nine Mile Falls 21 N/A
FW2406 Bellevue 37 N/A
FW2477 Yakima 28 N/A
FW3234 Cheney 18 N/A
FW3783 Clinton 37 N/A
FW3802 Chattaroy 21 N/A
FW3834 Port Angeles 28 N/A
FW3900 Maltby 33 N/A
FW3983 Edmonds 36 N/A
FW4132 Riverside 9 N/A
FW4154 Kenmore 36 N/A
FW4352 Lynnwood 36 N/A
FW4353 Spokane 21 N/A
FW4384 Walla Walla 28 N/A
FW4467 Blakely Island 39 N/A
FW4468 Gig Harbor 37 N/A
FW4493 Monroe 34 N/A
FW4555 Des Moines 41 N/A
FW4659 Kalama 39 N/A
FW4667 Port Townsend 39 N/A
FW4688 Brush Prairie 37 N/A
FW4694 Morton 30 N/A
FW4716 Arlington 28 N/A
FW4756 Bothell 34 N/A
FW4781 Suquamish 39 N/A
FW5161 Eastsound 39 N/A
FW5376 Seattle 39 N/A
FW5403 Wenatchee 30 N/A
FW5407 Anacortes 35 N/A
FW5626 Bellevue 37 N/A
FW5681 Kennewick 30 N/A
FW5771 Shelton 37 N/A
FW5962 Silverdale 39 N/A
FW6023 Anacortes 37 N/A
FW6102 Snoqualmie Pass 25 N/A
FW6109 Kenmore 37 N/A
FW6120 Yacolt 37 N/A
FW6124 Bellingham 30 N/A
FW6219 Mountlake Terrace 34 N/A
FW6289 Bellingham 30 N/A
FW6365 Littlerock 36 N/A
FW6423 Puyallup 35 N/A
FW6433 Tacoma 39 N/A
FW6473 Bremerton 39 N/A
FW6512 Milton 37 N/A
FW6603 Seattle 39 N/A
FW6677 Kenmore 37 N/A
FW6772 Winthrop 15 N/A
FW6841 Woodinville 32 N/A
FW7028 Vancouver 41 N/A
FW7055 Federal Way 37 N/A
FW7103 Seattle 39 N/A
FW7259 White Salmon 26 N/A
FW7296 Puyallup 32 N/A
FW7437 Seattle 39 N/A
FW7574 Colbert 21 N/A
FW7582 Fall City 30 N/A
FW7640 Silverdale 41 N/A
FW7661 Kent 36 N/A
FW7716 Nine Mile Falls 19 N/A
FW7737 Redmond 34 N/A
FW7755 Sequim 34 N/A
FW7834 La Conner 34 N/A
FW7915 Mount Vernon 34 N/A
FW8270 Bothell 34 N/A
FW8280 Lyle 34 N/A
FW8309 Granite Falls 28 N/A
FW8331 Shelton 39 N/A
FW8372 Seattle 39 N/A
FW8450 Marysville 34 N/A
FW8528 Hoodsport 36 N/A
FW8547 Duvall 33 N/A
FW8782 Olympia 36 N/A
FW8822 Seabeck 35 N/A
FW8906 Camano Island 36 N/A
FW8995 Maple Valley 35 N/A
FW9061 Seattle 39 N/A