Public Transportation

Below you'll find information about WSDOT's public transportation programs and projects, including state and federal grants, technical assistance for local transportation providers, policies, and plans. WSDOT also provides information about how to get around without a car.

The 2019-2021 state budgets are approved by the Legislature and the Governor. These budgets include funds to help commuters and people with special transportation needs get where they need to go in every corner of the state. 

WSDOT is now awarding more than $96 million of Regional Mobility Grants to local organizations to expand transit service, build transit hubs, expand park and rides, buy buses, improve pedestrian access and encourage telework and vanpooling.

WSDOT is now awarding nearly $77 million of Consolidated Grants, which provide state and federal funds to local organizations to improve public transportation in rural communities and provide public transportation for seniors, persons with disabilities and people with low incomes.  


  • Commute Trip Reduction (large employers, transportation demand management)
  • Consolidated (seniors, persons with disabilities and rural communities)
  • Formula (children, seniors, persons with disabilities and rural communities) 
  • New Revenue (transit)
  • Regional Mobility (public transportation operations, infrastructure and equipment and transportation demand management)
  • Vanpool (expand or replace vanpool fleets)


Tools for transportation providers