Washington State Public Transportation Plan

WSDOT produces the Washington State Public Transportation Plan (pdf 5.2 mb) as a 20-year blueprint to influence decisions and, ultimately, improve transportation performance. People throughout the state rely upon transit, carpools, vanpools, telework, walking and other options to make transportation choices that enable families, communities, the economy and their environment to thrive. This page provides further information about the plan and the actions partner organizations are taking to achieve the goals and vision.

A Vision for Public Transportation
Washington's seven million residents and half million businesses are changing the ways they communicate, connect, travel, transact, and use public transportation. With a projected population growth of more than 25 percent during the next 20 years, the way we plan and manage transportation must also change. This plan offers a blueprint to better integrate all modes of transportation to meet the needs of Washington's people.

Washington's transportation future, which includes buses, bikes, pedestrians, vanpools, telework, ferries, rail and more, will be defined by new kinds of partnership between communities, government agencies and service providers. This plan, developed by WSDOT along with transportation agencies and service providers throughout Washington, takes a step forward in defining these new partnerships.

Watch our video for more information

Watch our video for more information

For more information: Jacob Brett, brettj@wsdot.wa.gov or 206-464-1291.